Zemana Antilogger License Key 2014 Full Version

Get & Download Zemana Antilogger License Key 2014, Serial Number , activation key 1 Year For Free Full Version! Most of the antivirus we use may take up to several days to respond to new threats because they are signature based. They also need to be updated constantly. During this delay your computer may get infected already. So the mainstream antivirus software is not enough to block all the threats. Zemana AntiLogger is the security software that gives you the safety that other software fails to provide.

This useful AntiLogger is premium anti-keylogger software that specifically detects keyloggers, SSL banker trojans, spyware and other threats. This best AntiLogger detects the threats that other traditional antivirus can’t detect due to lack of constantly updating. This software works properly even if it is not updated regularly while other antivirus requires regular updates. Zemana AntiLogger reacts strongly against threats and provides proactive solution by monitoring processes in real-time.

Zemana Antilogger license key

Zemana AntiLogger doesn’t replace your already installed antivirus software. It works alongside almost all other antivirus software and Microsoft Security Esseitial. Zemana AntiLogger rather adds an extra layer of security.

Key features of Zemana AntiLogger 2014:

  • Email protection– Protects your emails from being hacked and keep your information from falling into wrong hand.
  • Secure banking– Makes your online banking safer and more secure.
  • Anti-Key Logger– Anti-Key Logger blocks all harmful applications from logging your keystrokes.
  • Anti-SSL Logger– Anti-SSL Logger monitors all operations that use SSL protocol and protects them.
  • Anti-WebCam Logger– Anti-WebCam Logger blocks any other harmful application from using your web-cam.
  • Anti-ClipBoard Logger– Anti-ClipBoard Logger blocks the harmful applications that takes screenshots of your clipboard.
  • Anti-Screen Logger– Anti-Screen Logger blocks harmful applications from capturing pictures and images of your computer screen thus saving you from being monitored by hackers.
  • System Defence– System Defence protects you from harmful application that can affect your system.

Zemana Antilogger serial key

How to download zemana antilogger license key 2014 1 Year Serial Number full version free:

Windowsdeal are offering a give-away of zemana antilogger license key v1.9.3.525 serial key. So you can get premium protection from this software for free. This offer is live only for a short amount of time, so get your copy soon!

  1. Visit the promo page by clicking on this link.
  2. Click on the download button. This will add the product to the cart.
  3. Now you might be asked to enter your email address.
  4. After entering your email address you will get your download.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a one-computer one-year license for home use.
  • You get free updates for one year.
  • No free tech support;
  • You must install the software before the offer is expired.

How to download Zemana AntiLogger 90 Days Extended Serial Number / License Key Free:

The usual price of Zemana Antilogger is $29.95 per 1-year Serial Number / License Key. But there is a giveaway offer from the developer for their Twitter followers, offering free and fully-functional Antilogger license key for 90 days.

Visit this giveaway link. You will be required to follow @Zemana on Twitter to get your 90-day license key or extend your current license period for 90 days. This offer may not last long, so collect your key while you can.

DownloadZemana AntiLogger Free [Official Link]

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