Windows Antivirus Master Manual Removal Guide Easily

Are you looking windows antivirus master manual removal? Our easy to go with guide will guide you to the solution without any error. Windows Antivirus Master is a rogue anti-virus program from the Rogue FakeVimes family of computer infections. This program is known as a rogue because it acts like an antivirus but displays fake scan results, reports made-up computer infections, fake security warnings. It affects your computers system by blocking you normal applications.

It can also trick you to make a purchase using your credit card.
Windows Antivirus Master pretends to scan your computer for malwares, viruses etc. and it usually shows a number of infected files which is also a fake report. To allow you to get rid of them it tells you to purchase the full version of the software. By purchasing the software you will be sending your personal information to “bad guys” and you may also loose you credit card balance.

Windows Antivirus Master sneaks in your computer from websites that displays a fake online virus scanner that shows that your computer is infected and makes you download the installation file. It may also get into your computer’s system through fake and spam emails containing infected attachments or links that send you to risky websites.

When somehow you have Windows Antivirus Master installed in your computer it will automatically start when you login to Windows. Once started it will do some fake scanning and show you ads to purchase. As all of the scanning is bogus, please ignore any prompts to purchase the program.


Guide for Remove Windows Antivirus Master Removal by Fixing Registry

1. Remove all removable disks, and then restart your computer.
2. While the computer is starting gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you see the Advanced Boot Options.

3. In the Advanced Boot Options screen you have to move around using the arrow keys. Go to the Safe Mode with Command Prompt menu and then press ENTER.

windows antivirus master manual removal

While your computer is in Safe Mode with Command Prompt, please type explorer.exe in the Command Prompt window and then press Enter.

windows antivirus master remove

5. The desktop will now appear. When it appears you can then close the Command Prompt window.

6.Now download this program from here using a non-infected computer and put this program in a clean CD or USB removable disk drive.

7. Now insert your CD or USB drive into the infected computer and open up the drive letter associated with your inserted media. You can acquire this drive letter by opening the Computer icon on your desktop or from the Start Menu. After opening the drive letter, open the RegFix.reg and allow the data to be. After merging, you can press the OK button and remove the CD or USB disk from your computer.

8. Now reboot your computer in normal Windows mode. After restarting please download the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from this link.

9. Open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and close all programs.

10. After downloading open the file mbam-setup.exe. This will install the MBAM onto your computer.

11. When the installation starts, keep following the prompts to continue with the setup process, then at the last screen click on Finish. But don’t reboot the computer if MalwareBytes’ asks you to do so.

11.  MBAM will launch automatically. Now select Perform full scan from the Scanner tab and then click on the Scan button to start scanning for the Windows Antivirus Master files.

12. When the scan is finished, click on the Show Results button.

13. You will now see a screen showing all the malware that the program has found. Make sure that everything is Marked, then click on the Remove Selected button. After cleaning them MBAM might ask you to reboot your computer. If asked please restart your computer to complete the task.

Now after successfully following the windows antivirus master manual removal your computer should be free of the Windows Antivirus Master infection.

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