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Get VoodooShield Serial Key , license key, activation key/code, product key for 1 year absolutely free! Just download the file and copy paste the code from here.It’s is security software that keeps you safe from malware and other unwanted problems. This is the time of technology where we have to share a lot of data. Those data can carry some unwanted problems that can cause problem in your system. So, you have got something to worry about while exchanging data. No need to worry because you can pass your worry thing to VoodooShield. The traditional antivirus program can’t possibly keep up with thousands of new viruses being created every day. The VoodooShield offers a completely new way of protection against threats. Unlike the traditional antivirus software, VoodooShield does not filter threats from data; it simply locks down the computer. That means VoodooShield just allows only the risk free stuff, instead of trying to block all of the bad stuff. voodooshield serial key The user simply starts his/her usual software while keeping the VoodooShield in Training Mode. VoodooShield then creates a White List of those commonly used software. Once the training is done, the user can switch to Smart Mode or Always On mode, and then it will block everything (including viruses) except those on the white list. Also, if VoodooShield blocks a file, user has the options to allow it or automatically upload the file to VirusTotal for analysis. Although there is one thing to keep in mind that VoodooShield is not like usual AntiVirus Software, and it won’t remove the viruses from your computer if it is already infected. But it may protect your computer from ever getting viruses and malware if it is virus free. VoodooShield works fine with most or all other Anti virus software, and it is not too bad to have an additional security shield.

VoodooShield Features:

Special features indicates special product. Everyone goes after something special, especially when it is about computer security. Here is some features of VoodooShield:

  • It blocks and executed non white listed programs when you are online
  • It turns on when USB is inserted
  • Blocks unknown even in offline
  • Scans unknown using Virus Total
  • Easy to turn of protection
  • It doesn’t protect in windows system folder
  • It makes sure of balance and ease of use
  • It blocks malware by preventing the execution of other program

How To Get VoodooShield Serial Key free License Key for 1 Year

VoodooShield is normally priced at $19.99 per serial number / license key. But thanks to the wilderssecurity, the developers are now offering a free subscription of one year. Also you can buy Voodooshield. Email your email address to the developer and the password that you want to use for your VS account, and VoodooSoft will hook you up with a free VoodooShield Serial Key of one year of VoodooShield. If you have already purchased VoodooShield, just send them the email address you use for your VS account and you will get an extended subscription for about 1.5 years. Email the developer at [email protected] Download VoodooShield: Product Page | Download Link

 You can watch Voodooshield Comercial Below

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_I_FX_qYfk&w=560&h=350]

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