How to Use VPN on Android Phone- 3 Easy Ways

With a VPN service you can easily and anonymously surf any website over the internet. No matter which country you are from, when you use VPN you have access to any website. Good news is you can use VPN on your android phone too. There is verity of uses of VPN on android. Some of the uses include downloading an app from a country where it is not available to download or browsing encryption on public Wi-Fi.

how to use vpn android

Now read this guide on how to use a VPN on android.

  • On OpenVpn networks or Other VPN Apps.

Currently android does not provide inbuilt features for using openVpn networks on android devices. So, you have to use other/third party apps for using openVpn networks. Such an app is openVpn connect, which is openVpn’s official app. It works on android 4.0 or higher without needing for root. But if your device version is less than 4 then you need to root your device.

Whether you need to use integrated VPN service from your android device or other auxiliary app to run VPN depends on the VPN you want use. For instance tunnelbear provides an android app that is handles tunnelbears VPN services.

  • Integrated VPN Support

Android in built support for L2TP and PPTP VPNs. In this case for using these VPNs you do not need to use third party apps.

In order to use a compatible VPN, go to settings> wireless and networks> More.

Now tap + button and then input details of VPN. Provide a name in the name field to mark down which VPN is which one. Now choose the VPN server and VPN address. (Address like web address or Ip address now click save.

Once you have set VPN up tap the VPN. You can also configure multiple VPN servers. And also switch between them when needed.

Now you need to input username and password needed by your VPN when trying to connect VPN. You can click save account information so that you do not need to input your login info again and again in next attempt.

When you are linked to a VPN, a stable VPN activated notification will appear in your notification bar. If you want to stop using VPN for now or disconnect it, just tap the notification and then disconnect, it will disconnect automatically.

About Always on VPN mode

In your android version of 4.2, you will find an option for enabling always on VPN mode. On this state android will not send data except over VPN. It is very effective when you are using public Wi-Fi and want your VPN is always used.

Again when you want to enable this feature, you have to make some steps done. First, connect to a VPN, then save account info and then you will find the option under menu bar.

Note that, to use this option you must own an android version of 4.2 or greater. If your android version is less than that you cannot use the feature.

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