How To Use Instagram On Windows Pc

If you are an Instagram fan and a Windows PC user, well, let me give you the good news. So, I hope you`re ready to jump around and do the happy dance because you`re about to find out you can use Instagram on your personal computer. And there is not only one way, but several, to do so. Start sharing with the rest of the world the best of your photos and videos stocked on your PC`s hard disk. So, if you`re ready to “instant telegram” from your personal computer, here are the ways to do it.

  1. Instagrile

The first method to use Instagram on your PC is the Instagrille application. You can download Instagrille from here.

Instagrille is the Instagram desktop solution that you can use whenever you want to access Instragram without using your smartphone or opening any browser. Instagrille works on Pokki – a platform-application created in HTML5, in which you will find a lot of games and applications useful and entertaining.  Once the installation process is over you will see two new taskbar icons – Pokky and Instagrille. These icons are shortcuts to the applications. For logging in you will have to use your Instagram ID and password. For logging out Instagrille just click right on the Pokki,icon then select Sleep or Dhutdown Pokki.


Instagrille is an elegant and fast Instagram solution. If you are in love with Instagram interface, you will soon discover that Instagrille provides all the updates and notifications when new pictures are being uploaded. Using Instagrille you will also have your own page, with your own pictures and statuses. Basically you will be able to do everything you normally do on Instagram: add comments, like pictures, follow/unfollow people, see who`s following you, see the location of the pictures with geotags and many more -straight from this application. Enjoy!

  1. Instagram webpage

Another way to access Instagram on your Windows PC is by visiting your Instagram profile on the Instagram web. Go online on  and do the replacing of “username” with your own user name. Be aware that you can`t use Instagram Web Profile unless you already have an Instagram ID and password. There is not a sign up option on the site. This also applies to other online platforms as well, such as Instagrille, Webstagram here or Webbygram here. Keep in mind these web pages are very easy to use.

  1. BlueStack

You`ll also be able to use Instagram on your computer with the help of BlueStack  software for your windows . Once downloaded and installed, this software will allow you to log in with your info, or even create an account if you don`t have one already.

  1. InstaPic

If your computer runs on Windows 8, then InstaPic or InPic is the Instagram solution for you . Using it, you can log in, create a new account or add your multiple Instagram accounts. This software lets you do all the things an Instagram user wants to: upload or edit pictures, add filters, follow or unfollow users, view timeline and many more.

  1. Pixsta

Pixsta can be another choice for Instagram on a Windows PC . It has a great, beautiful elegant interface. So, it can be a great Instagram experience, unless you want to upload pictures. And if you`re only purpose having Instagram on your PC is to upload pictures, then you should probably use Gramblr. This application is limited only to that option. Take in consideration that editing and cropping pictures will not be possible with this application during the upload process.

Now that you know all the ways to Instagram your Windows PC take your time and choose the one that fits you best.

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