Top 5 Portable Antivirus USB Free Download

Is your computer fully secured with the current antivirus? Sometimes you need to carry portable antivirus for usb security as some threats may occur through external usb drives. It is no unusual that you get infected and trapped with malware or other security treats despite having a good antivirus. For that reason you should read our post on portable antivirus usb free download.

Portable Antivirus usb download

Many of us face the same problem of phising attempts while surfing internet, for these kind of problem the only solution is carrying a portable antivirus for your usb drive. There is a lot of usb security software for securing your computer. But which should be chosen? Which is the perfect tool for your pc? To discover the answer read this post on top 5 usb portable antivirus.

  1. Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Comodo cleaning essentials is on the top of our list as it protects you from each and every type of potentially harmful attacks on your pc. It’s all in one security tool can identify new threats and remove malware infections from on your pc. CCE owns the powerful detection technology that can detect almost every type of threats on your pc. It will immediately identify and remove the potential threats and save your pc from harm.

Download CCE here

2. ClamWin Portable

If you use windows XP/ 7 / 8, this tool suits you best. This portable antivirus is free to use. Currently it has daily users of 60000 around the world. You can carry this portable antivirus in your pen drive and scan any computer before using it. This antivirus has high detection rate for finding spyware and virus. It is updated regularly so that you get up to date antivirus protection.

You can download this app here.

3. Norton Power Eraser

Sometimes you download and install crime ware along with unreliable software on your pc. Norton power eraser can get you rid of these types of threats easily. When your pc is in unsecure condition it will give you warning with popup message. This powerful and strong software from Symantec finds and removes difficult-to-remove root kits, unique types of crime ware and threats like scam ware.

Download Norton power eraser here.

4. AswMBR

When you have aswMBR installed on your computer it start scanning for Whistler, MBRoot (Sinowal), TDL4/3, and other root kits. This is one of the best anti-root kit software brought to you by Avast. Though its user interface looks ordinary it has all the tools to keep your pc safe from any types of threats to your system.

Get aswMBR here

5. Vipre Rescue

If your system is infected with threats severely, this is the portable antivirus usb free download for your computer. It works best when your computer is not working properly. It runs your pc in safe mode and command line interface. This portable antivirus also checks for daily updates for latest antivirus protection.

Download Vipre Rescue here

So it was the list for top portable antivirus for your windows computer. Choose the right one for best protection.



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