List of Top 10 Free VPN Services 2015

Our Top 10 Free VPN Services 2015 review will help you choose the right one for your needs. Vpn services are useful and the only way to access a website anonymously when you cannot access a site from a particular country or your school or work place have banned some websites that you cannot miss surfing. Apart from that sometimes we need to surf the net without disclosing out exact or real location. In this case too, free VPN is the only solution.

Top 10 Free VPN Services

In some level of cases, you can go for proxies. We can find proxies free yet they are risky.  We do not know when your proxies get out dated and you have to face network disconnection during work. If administrator turns out to be a smart admin you cannot get benefited from proxies. So the only solution you can rely on is using free VPN.

So without further ado, we move to our free vpn review list.

  1. TunnelBear

The reason why this particular VPN service is on the top of the list is it is the easiest vpn service tested ever. Witt this VPN service you are able to enter any website that is geo restricted. Currently it provides free UK & USA VPN facilities. After creating an account you will get 500 mb monthly bandwidth. You can also add 1GB more by simply connecting your twitter account.

  1. OpenVpn is a kind of TLS/SSL based VPN that ensures highly privacy and security. The most concerned difference between OpenVPN and PPTP one is that you need to install software on your pc before you use it. Besides it does not currently work on Mobile devices. But you can use it on windows, Linux and Mac.

  1. Hotspot Shield

Perhaps, it is the most popular free VPN service in the world. They provide VPN services based on UK and USA. You can reliably use their services for getting protection for Wi-Fi snoopers, censorship and identity theft. It offers you unlimited Bandwidth and works on both Mac and windows.

  1. Vpnbook

Vpnbook is 100% free VPN service. It works with powerful cryptographic techniques to ensure your online safety. This service does not collect any personal information and origin in on Romania. This free vpn service strive to make the internet journey safer. It provides secure and free OpenVpn and PPTP service access for all.

  1. UltraVpn

This one is a French VPN client. It secures your connection from unrecognized ears and lets you access blocked application. Ultravpn is based on OpenVpn service. Provide unlimited traffic with 500kb/s depending on connection.

  1. PacketiX.NET

This one comes from Japan. Though it is a premium VPN service you can enjoy free online test service from PacketiX.NET. This fast, easy to use and reliable VPN service can be used after downloading CPN connection manager and starting it. Currently it works on Windows and Linux only.

  1. CyberGhost

If you are looking for routing through German Ips you can choose this one. This VPN service is from Germany. From free service you can enjoy up to 1 gb/month traffic. But you can enjoy the premium version at affordable cost also.

  1. TorVPN

Though one of the latest, TorVPN is now considered one of the best free VPN service providers. This one work well when you need to bypass strict content filters, secure VOIP communications or browsing internet anonymously. You can use up to 1GB traffic per month using free service. This VPN service works on Mac, iPhone, IPad and Windows.

  1. SecurityKiss

Once your data depart from your computer SecurityKiss make sure that security and privacy matters are undertaken. It safely redirects traffic through an invulnerable tunnel to security gateway. Every single things in this tunnel are encrypted.

  1. Your-Freedom

This free vpn service make you access what you could not access previously. It also hides your connection info from those who are not in need of knowing it. With this free service you can enjoy vpn 6 hours a day and 15 hours a week. You can work on Openvpn mode or use the software after downloading it. This works on Linux, Mac and Windows.

So last but not least it should be concluded that all the 10 Best Free VPN Services above have almost same features except that in bandwidth limit. So choose the right one for your business. If you have better inclusion you can use the comment box and let us know. Thanks for reading this post.

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