Remove Speed Dial Search Google Chrome Easily

Remove Speed Dial Search Google Chrome Easily. One of the irritating and malicious threats for computer users is adware. These nasty little threats take away important choices of internet browsers from their victims. Adware sneak into user’s computer through some software or ads from various websites. They automatically attach them with yours browsers and change your homepage, default search engine etc. They compromise the privacy of the users.

Speedial Search is a malicious adware. It replaces the user preferences of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on its own. It doesn’t even let the user know about these changes, it just simply takes over. Speedial Search is basically a search engine but it is a potentially unwanted and annoying app. It changes your browser homepage to and also changes your default search engine from to And it makes these changes without user permission. Whenever you change them back, Speedial Search will again change them as it want.

Speedial Search sneaks into your computer with other software packages and gets install silently in the background. Some websites add their sponsored adware with their installer.

How to Remove speed dial search google chrome easily:

To remove Speedial Search you can use CCleaner. It is an efficient solution designed to automatically uninstall various malware such as the unwanted browser extension.

1. Download free or paid version of CCleaner  and save it to your Desktop. Then install and run the software.

2. After opening Click on the Cleaner button in the left-hand navigation menu, select Windows tab and click on Analyze button. After completing analyzing click on Run Cleaner button. Now do the same things in Applications tab.

Remove speed dial search google chrome

3. Go to the Tools option in the navigation menu and select the Startup option. Now look for the items that might be related to Speedial adware in all available tabs. Then choose Disable and Delete for those items.

Remove speed dial search google chrome with ccleaner startup

4. You can also Uninstall Speedial from control panel.

How to Manually Remove Speedial Search from Google Chrome manually:

1. Open Google Chrome, click on the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon in very top right corner, then click on Settings. This will open the configuration page.

2. Now click on the “Set Pages” option from the On Startup tab. Delete all the URLs including the and then enter only one address you want to use, like

3. Then click on Show Home button from the Appearance tab. Click ‘Change’ to change to a legit URL, like Or use the On Startup option to set a specific page as your home page.

4. Then go to Tools from Option and click on Extensions. Then remove all related add-ons or extensions.

5. Click on the ‘Manage search engines’ button from Search tab, select ‘Google’ and make it the default search engine, and remove from the list.

Hope you have learned how to remove speed dial search from google chrome easily.

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