How to Remove Browser Hijackers – 7 Easy Steps

Many of us have had experience with browsing hijacking problem. As the experience definitely is not good here we bring solution to How to Remove Browser Hijackers. When someone try to login to Gmail, YouTube or other accounts sometimes it connects to This is nothing but a malware site which is very risky for your privacy and accounts information. Whenever you smell suspicious behavior you should deal with it straight way. If you are late in removing suspicious links or entrance it might cause you a great havoc.


How to remove browser hijackers easily?

As we have learnt about the consequences of being exposed to browser hijacking links now we start our tutorial on how to get rid of this dangerous browser hijackers.

For this we can follow two methods. Though both are easy you can choose any one of them.

  • First of all, open Firefox.
  • Now type about:config in the browser address box. If you face any warning saying to be careful or step back you need not to be worried as you are not doing anything trouble with browser.
  • Simply chose “I’ll Be Careful, I Promise” option and forward.
  • Now you will find a Firefox webpage configuration page.
  • Now type in search box or typing field and press enter.
  • After that you will find malicious code. Now right click on it and reset the value you need to delete all the malicious codes.
  • Now restart Firefox, by now, your problem with browser hijacking must have solved.
  • How you can you stay protected against browser hijacking.

To keep your pc safe from browser hijackers you should never click on suspicious links or urls. While downloading any file you should be careful so that no additional files are downloaded along with the main file. Always keep your pc security updated with reliable antivirus software. You can download free antivirus software from here.


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