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Read this article and learn how to get OkayFreedom VPN Promo CodeToday with the restricted areas rights our access to sites, which are located to those regions, are limited or impossible. For example how many times users have seen messages about access at specific sites of a different country or they need to bypass a system ? There are several ways to give you access but the most famous is the use of a vpn service. One nice product that uses vpn service and its available is the OkayFreedomVPN from Steganos Company.

OkayFreedom VPN Promo Code

A vpn service such as OkayFreedom VPN  allows users to to surf at the internet anonymously by hiding their ip,so your system will be undetectable and your private information will be hidden.The hiding process begins from the time  the information leaves your system so is fully undetectable,so with the same system (vpn) we have two points,one is the anonymity and the other is the access to  sites with geographical restrictions.Generally is a network with the characteristics of LAN but users can connect to the internet,so an encrypted tunel is made and user’s data is passing through it.

OkayFreedom VPN  is a full vpn service which means that is able to do all those that a vpn can do and described previously,but with a more modern way and use of the latest technology, so it includes a system that can identify an available service of one of many different countries and  use it to give the user anonymity.The maximum limit that company allows the user of the system to reach is 1GB but 500 mb is the primary level and then with every other user join the system by an invitation the user has 100mb more for free,so 5 invitations per month is the maximum.

How to Get OkayFreedom VPN Promo Code ?

Company also can give to the user an unlimited access to the service by paying a fee of  69.95$ annually, but now there is a discount so users can get it for 29.95$ annually.

  1. Another way to use the service free is to take advantage of the giveaway offer and get the 1 Year Promo Code which will be 5 times more the size of the simple free access and other 5GB for invitation of 10 other users, but  the number of the users who will join to the PromoCode will not be unlimited, so the user must use the promo pages.
  1. Then user will be asked for a valid mail and if the user would like to receive newsletter emails from the company.
  1. After this step user receives with an email the free traffic. The user must use a valid e-mail account to be able to do the validation and to prove that is not a robot. There is an execution file(.exe) which the user must download and setup to be able to use the service, so it is available for Microsoft Windows OS.

There are three available selections at the main window, first is the “Free”, second is the “Premium” and third is the “Premium Flat”. The premium users must insert their code at the field of the application.

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