Norton security backup trial free download is best way to ensure that your PC or mac is protected and your private data gets a better backup. The Norton anti-virus has shown its excellence and trustworthiness in protecting the computer from malware and unauthorized access.


With release of Norton anti-virus it engulfed the trust of computer users around the world. Now with release of their new product “Norton security “and “Norton security with backup”, they have added an additional hand to their marketing and productivity. According to information from various sources Norton products are one of the most preferred for PC as well as Mac security.

The new product called the “Norton security 2015” accommodates all the features of Norton anti-virus, (that will protect you from malware), Norton 360 (efficient virus removal) and also Norton internet security (safe browsing of internet and initiates measures to protect the computer or MAC from spying by unidentified users). This combination and bonding of the features of all already existing products to the new one strengthens the stand of Norton’s new product in the market.

Now Norton has instigated many measures to overthrow other products and gain full market control. As part of it plans to popularize their new product they have introduced free download for the trial version of “Norton security with backup” and “Norton security” for 2 month. As per their expectation it would help in catalysing the current market trend to a much better level.

Features of Norton security

  1. The key feature for the new and existing product remains the same i.e. the security and protection of the computer or Mac. Norton products are never inclined to comprising on the security feature it provides. They continuously pursue heavy research to produce a product of outstanding vessel.
  2. Accommodates a powerful modus operandi to track the entire existing virus and eradicate their presence.
  3. It always indicates and reminds you of unsafe sites and the sites that can intrude virus or malware to your PC
  4. Effective password management
  5. It hints about unsafe apps that can raise security concerns in android.
  6. Another feature about Norton anti-virus is that it helps in locating and tracking the electronic device which has installed the Norton security in it. It would locate the device once loaded and identified.

“Norton security with backup” promotes extra assistance by providing back-up for the data that is highly confidential and important to you. It provides an online backup space of 25 GB. It will help in creating a backup for music, videos, photos or other files and documents of great relevance.


Norton security is priced at $79.99 and Norton security with backup is priced at $89.99. As part of their marketing strategy a trial usable for a period of two months is available for download at zero cost. This could be easily downloaded from the following URL.

Trial Link

Full version is available in the nearest stores and online portals. Norton is a highly trusted and recommended security application that hardly fails to draw the attention of users towards it.

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