McAfee Siteadvisor Live License Key Free 6 Month

Get Download McAfee Siteadvisor Live License Key Free 2014 Serial Number for 6 month. You don’t need any activation key, product key, crack, patch, or others, Just get it full version gratis from a giveaway page. In this era of Internet we need to surf a lot for gathering information or download or just browse. But the problem is sometimes we have to face many malware threats while entering a web page. To solve this problem we have got a solution.

And that is McAfee Siteadvisor Live. This is online URL checker software. This gives us full protection in browsing time by presenting instant Scan report of the result of the search result, that we search in Google, Yahoo, MSN or in others. McAfee SiteAdvisor Live License Key This Scan report helps us to determine in selecting web pages. We can understand which is risky and which is not. We surf Internet to solve our problems or gathering information. Instead of getting service we are getting affected by Malware and other threats. We have to face this sort of problems when we do not understand the good and bad side. That’s why we need Internet Security like Siteadvisor Live McAfee. It removes the loopholes of security and makes us aware about the situation. If there is no internet security, we won’t get any notification whether the site is good or bad. But when internet security is installed, we can get forecast through a small icon. Affected site will show a’! ‘Sign besides it. If you want to know what internet security is better, I suggest u take Siteadvisor Live. Because some amazing things are performed by this, like- Protecting you from adware, spam, malware, viruses and others,It will advise you about the safe sites with different colored button. It’ll develop your search by providing safety ratings. It’ll warn you about risky sites with clear message. It adds links for safety checking to e-mail and IM to let you know about the safe link. It will provide you important information about sites downloads. It will protect your password by disabling all interactions with affected sites. It’ll update automatically to protect you from new threats.

McAfee Siteadvisor Live Gratis

This Site advisor technology works with ‘20’ search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and AOL. This security has been downloaded more than 200 million times and it does not require any other security software. If you want to see more, please Read More Below: This Browsing Protection has got some features that separates this internet security from others. They are-

  • It rates websites for safety
  • Alerts with color
  • Blocks risky and affected sites
  • It provides anti phishing protection
  • Scans e-mail and IM for keeping safe from risky sites
  • It makes safe shop and bank online
  • Scans social networking sites for keeping you safe
  • It works with other antivirus security software.

How to get Download McAfee SiteAdvisor Live license Key Free for 6 months: It costs $20 for one year and one PC license. The good news is McAfee official has started a giveaway for Siteadvisor Live 6 months! You just need to get license code to use software in total mode. Follow the steps to get free license key.

  1. Go to this SITE Click Here and
  2. Then click ‘Download Now’
  3. Then a page will arrive, where you have to create new account. If u log in with your previous account, you won’t get the free opportunity.
  4. After opening new account press ‘Place my order’.
  5. Then open ‘Get my Trial’ which is besides ‘SiteAdvisor Live’. And that’s for 6 months subscription.
  6. Then you will be redirected to your account page. Just select ‘Product and Subscription’ and proceed to download. Before that you should verify your registered mail account.
  7. You have to be in online to install that.

From here: Download McAfee Siteadvisor Live 2014 Gratis Serial for 180 days.
System requirements:

  1. Pentium compatible processor with 500 mhz or higher
  2. RAM- 256(MIN)
  3. Free drive space- 10 mb &
  4. Internet.

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