Kaspersky Total Security Trial Activation Code

Looking for a single security software program to cover all your devices? Try Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device. This premiere program will cover your PC, Android, Mac, smartphone, or tablet when you’re out and on the go. The software is customized to each type of device and works quickly and efficiently.

Kaspersky Total Security Trial Activation Code

Kaspersky Total Security will protect your device of choice against spam, intruder attacks, threats both known and unknown, network attacks, and unwanted data. Individual application components guard against specific types of threats. This results in a protective structure with flexible configuration, also giving you further layers of security for sensitive tasks such as banking and shopping. You can rest assured that your money and accounts are safe from cybercriminals. You have control over each user’s access to the internet and to the computer. Kaspersky Total Security also allows you to back up data, manage your computer home network security from the administer workstation, and encrypt containers for confidential information. The software automatically updates itself, using so few resources to be unnoticeable. Look to Kaspersky Total Security for confidence that you can safely browse the internet, keep your devices in the best condition, and protect your family’s most secure information.

Key Features of Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device:

  • Protection against even the most insidious internet threats
  • Offers protection for PC, Mac, and Android devices
  • Provides protection against webcam spies and other threats to privacy
  • Ensures protection for your money when shopping and banking online
  • Guards against theft of personal files, photos, and other data
  • Helps you keep your children safe from internet dangers
  • Provides simplified security management that covers all your devices
  • Performs quickly and efficiently

How to get the Kaspersky Total Security Free Trial Activation Code – 3-Device for 3-Month

The normal price for a one year License Key/Activation Code for one device is $79.95. As with many similar products, Kaspersky offers a free trial period. The normal trial period is 30 days. Right now, there is a promotion going on offering a three month trial of Kaspersky Total Security. (Note that this 3-month trial is only valid for those who have not already used a trial version of the software.)

  1. Visit the promotion page.
  2. This will direct you to a tutorial on internet security. After you scroll through the introduction, there will be three lessons to choose from on internet security. Watch all three lessons.
  3. Once you finish all of the lessons, you see an offer to unlock the 3 month trial of Kaspersky Total Security.

It appears the giveaway is not available for certain locations, including but not limited to Germany, Russia, Portugal, and Ukraine. If you are trying to download from one of these countries, after watching the lessons and entering your e-mail address, you will see an error message saying ‘Order validation exception Promocode: Mx activation has been reached’. Try with a US IP (proxy, vpn, etc.), remembering 1 license per IP address/email.

To skip the lessons,  right-click on the promotion page and select the “View Page Source” option (or Press Ctrl + U). Afterward, press Ctrl + F on the source code window and type “trial”. This should take you to the promotion link (search result “/trial/?c=uhSrCIFslL”). Then right click and select “copy link location”. Open the link in a new browser tab or window. Then enter your email to obtain the free license key (only 1 license per IP address/email).

Download – Kaspersky Total Security 3 month trial


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