IObit Malware Fighter Pro License Key 1 Year Free

Get IObit Malware Fighter Pro License Key, serial or activation code free for one year that still working. We are smart enough to know how computers can make our lives all so easy on just a click of mouse or the pressing of a key. However, we also need to be wise to avoid putting ourselves in a fix by not installing any ‘guard’ on our PCs. All of us might already have certain antivirus tool or the alike already installed in our PCs. However, it is strongly recommended to regularly scan the PC for infections using an anti-malware tool. And it’s here when IObit Malware Fighter 2 comes into the picture because of being one of the world’s leading anti-malware tools.

IObit Malware Fighter Pro license key

Malware is a term that serves as a short form for ‘malicious software’. These kind of malicious software’s disrupt the normal operation of the computer; can access the confidential information or any other sensitive data. IObit Malware Fighter 2 is the program which is used to search all such viruses that might not be lethal for the PC but unnecessary, and are slowing down the computer. It blocks such viruses and deletes them. It is a superior malware dismissal utility that identifies and eradicates the deepest infections. It provides a real-time protection that safeguards the PC from various kind of security related threats.

IObit Malware Fighter serial key for Pro

The latest version of IObit software has been launched with a metro style interface compatible with the Windows 8. The four main entrances are displayed, which further lead to the functions of- Scanning, Protection, Update, and the Action Centre. Four icons are also present on the side bar, named as ‘Cloud’, ‘Quarantine’, ‘Settings’ and ‘About’. This totally new look provides ‘all-at-one-place’ view along with all the information.

The major benefits of this product:

  • All solution on a single-click and so easy to use
  • Fully adaptable with all other antivirus tools
  • The brand new interface provides a better user experience
  • The update and the launch failure errors of the previous versions are removed
  • The capacity to work in background
  • Frequent updates or scans available that can be automated or scheduled
  • Frequent database updates
  • Provides an option of creative cloud security
  • Basic Real-time protection against threats
  • Quick, and absolutely free to use!

Customized scans can also be set and IObit Fighter antimalware software can be isolated to find threats only within a particular process or drive. It enables real-time protection by acting as a guard for the network, cookies, USD at the time of start up, browsing, processing against all malicious threats. It also keeps configuring the PC to provide the best optimization rate all the time to keep the PC secure at all times. Thus, it is truly the best option to keep your PC safe at all the times.

How to Get IObit Malware Fighter Pro License Key for free?

This product is normally available at $19.95 for 1 year; however you can download a year full version of IObit Malware Fighter Pro License Key for free. So grab your chance before the offer ends!

  1. Grab your copy of the License key at the promo page here.
  2. While installing, it offers Advanced SystemCare. If that’s not suitable for you, kindly opt out.
  3. After installation, click ‘Activate’ and then look for ‘Enter License’. In this step just Copy the license code and use it for activatingthe full version.
  4. Please don’t try to enter the code manually. Just use copy and paste commands.

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