HideMyAss Alternatives : List of Top 4

Get 4 HideMyAss Alternatives for free with site address. For these times, we are not exactly in the golden age of the Internet. Since the Law Sinde and SOPA until the fall of a commercial monster like Megaupload , through strengthening Anonymous , we are witnessing the Net turns another page in its history.

If this premise was exposing inside an auditorium, perhaps would any of the audience to say that this is not entirely true. Probably right. As would agree blindly is that there is no certainty of sailing with much privacy as possible and that a blockade is a telecommunications corporation or government, can be found just around the corner.

Hide my ass

This site looks like an alternative quick help by being on the Web. Simply enter the email address and within minutes be an easy way to not only jump locks but hide the trail, which in theory would allow safe navigation.

HideMyAss Alternatives

The advantage is that there is no need to download anything and even your most complex services require the respective payment, you can solve a lot for free.

Perhaps the element that stands out from similar customization is obtained once inquires on the site. It has a series of filters to configure the type of anonymity you want to navigate. In this practical tip we show you the top alternatives to the proxy service HideMyAss.

Alternative 1: Tor browser bundle – Anonymous HideMyAss alternative

With the “Tor Browser Bundle” you always surf by proxy in the browser.

  • The ” Tor Browser package “as a free anonymous offers its own browser. Thanks to this HideMyAss alternative you surf anonymously through the Internet.
  • All inquiries should be directed through a widely distributed network. This makes them difficult to understand. If you want to turn off the proxy once, you can do that with the Tor button.

2. vtunnel – Safe Surfing with https encryption

  • The proxy service ” vtunnel “offers an https encryption, which allows you to securely and anonymously surf. In order to increase browsing speed, you can disable script on that page.
  • If you want to set up any proxy software vtunnel is a good alternative: Unlike other proxy services you need at vtunnel do any settings on the browser.
  • You can also make the proxy and downloads.

3. hide.me instead HideMyAss – Anonymous Web with VPN access

Hide.me offers a free VPN access.

  • In order to “free VPN access at hide. me “to receive, you must enter your e-mail address. Thanks pictorial instructions you can get started on any device after successful registration!
  • In addition to the free basic Taif charged separately fares may be available. For standard surfing the Internet, however, the base rate is sufficient. Only if you want to use streaming services or making downloads, you should think about upgrading.

4. Anonymouse – Another Web proxy Alternative

  • Anonymous “offers as all other providers anonymity. With the free version you leave any traces on the Internet.
  • With a paid VIP membership you have access to many features such as ad-free pages, an anti-virus scanners and more.

In another article we will show you how to surf in Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer anonymously .

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