Guitar Pro 6 Lite Free User ID and Key ID [Windows & Mac]

Guitar Interactive has teamed up with Arobas Music to offer free licenses for Guitar Pro 6 Lite.It is a musical software program for guitarists of all skill levels. There is a bit of something for everyone – basic musical tools, score editors, customized audio playback, automation, soundboard, fretboard, and more. Guitar Pro 6 allows you to play downloaded files and create your own to share with others; perfect for learning and arranging.

Guitar Pro 6 Lite Free User ID and Key ID [Windows & Mac]

An easy-to-use editor allows you to write and edit your own scores on a standard score or tablature using standard musical notation and features such as design mode and 4-voice edition . The professional-looking scores can be customized to classic or jazz styles. You can play your own compositions or arrangements of other songs, each complete with an optional band backing. All 4-8 string fretted instruments are supported, including instruments such as mandolin, bass, and banjo, in addition to guitar. 

Guitar Pro 6 Lite is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Each license will also give you access to a preferential upgrade (with a 50% discount) to the full version Guitar Pro 6. The user interface is customizable and available in 19 different languages.

Key Features of Guitar Pro 6:

  • A multitrack, tablature-centered score editor for stringed instruments, using regular musical notation;
  • Optimized screen-display options. The full version includes a powerful audio engine designed to yield faithful playback of the sounds and effects of all types of guitars as well as many other instruments (bass, strings, piano, drums, etc.), from samples and modelized sounds of amps and effect units recorded in a professional studio;
  • Practice tools such as a tuner (both MIDI and digital), chord engine, scale validating tool, guitar fretboard, metronome, and a diagram generator showing all possible finger positions for a chord in any tuning;
  • The ability to share and download hundreds of thousands of scores created by musicians around the world;
  • Integration with iPhone and Android mobile applications;
  • Professional style, mutitrack printing, with both classical and jazz-style options and 70 different parameters for paper printouts;
  • Ability to instantly synchronize standard and tablature notation.

Note: Guitar Pro 6 Lite disables file import/export, limits instruments to 3 guitars, and offers a light version of the soundbanks.

Guitar Pro 6 Lite Free Download with User ID and Key ID

To download your FREE copy of Guitar Pro Lite:

1, Visit this promo page and enter your email address to receive your Guitar Pro Lite license.

2, Within 15 minutes, you will receive an email from “Guitar Pro by Arobas Music <[email protected]>” containing your license details (User ID and Key ID) for Guitar Pro 6 Lite. If you don’t see the email in 15 minutes, check your spam, bulk or junk mail folder.

3, Follow the instructions in the email to register your license and to download the software on your PC/Mac. While Guitar Pro is useful for musicians of all skill levels, the ability to read tablature and a basic understanding of rhythm before you use this program are recommended.

Update: We first posted about this promo on May 26, 2013, but the offer is still valid. Enjoy this comprehensive, useful, and free tool for all guitarists!

Download – Guitar Pro 6 Lite

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