East Tec SafeBit 2 Review With Free License Key

East Tec SafeBit 2 Review: It’s software that encrypts your disk to make you feel safe with the protection of your data from unauthorized persons. It prevents possible present or future unauthorized access and leakage of information. It added on-the-fly disk encryption. It is possible by creating virtual disk drives, where files and folders can be hidden. Who Does not want his or her personal data to be seen by others? The answer is nobody. The truth is we have to face this problem all time with friends and others. Now the worry time is finished. Download East-tec SafeBit 2 has arrived with free license key.

East Tec SafeBit 2 Review

East tec SafeBit controls the access to your personal data. It is possible with the help of Military Strength encryption algorithm. So, the data cannot be reached or read by unwanted persons. This is software by which you can hide or encrypt your data. It’ll protect data before saving without your concern. It also provides its service to removable devices or in the cloud, USB keys and Flash memory card as keys, protection from Key loggers and keep away viruses and Trojans. This software was praised by Softpedia, Bright Hub, and LockerGnome etc. You can get this awesome software by $34.95.

It’ll do many things for you. Like, protecting your confidential Information– it’ll prevent access from unauthorized access or data breaches or theft. It is perfect privacy software where you can install and execute programs inside vault. So, you can your make sure your data is safe. On- the – fly encryption: this allows you to encrypt your data. It makes you possible to encrypt before the data is saved. It’ll work without your knowledge. Military- strength encryption algorithm: used to make data unreadable and unreachable. East-tec SafeBit uses the strong 256-bit AES encryption algorithm (AES). AES was selected to be used in protecting US Federal Govt. personal and commercial information.

East Tec SafeBit 2 License Key Free

Safeguarding data on removable devices or in the cloud: Allow you to upload data in Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive or you can transfer encrypted files via e-mail. It even allows you to move or copy them to removable devices. Using USB Flash memory cards as keys: you can save passwords in removable devices which can be used later to open the safe.

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This avoids the risk of hacking as passwords can be retrieved from your computer that was stored. Protecting against virus, Trojans or hackers is easier with this security software. its offered security by an antivirus protects you from online threats. As your files are in vaults, viruses or hackers cannot access to you data. It’ll also keep you away from Key Loggers: an application that can read your keyboard strokes. So, your password can be gettable by hackers. But this software’s virtual keyboard keeps you safe form Key Loggers.

Features of East-tec SafeBit 2 Review:

  1. Some features make this special security system for your pc. Some major features are-
  2. Automatic, military-strength, on-the-fly disk encryption
  3. Safeguards data on your pc, removable devices or in the cloud
  4. Protection from Key Loggers
  5. USB key and flash memory card as key
  6. Keeping safe from viruses and Trojans.


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