EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro License Code Serial 4 Free

EaseUSTodoPCTrans Pro is a PC tool to transfer your data, software and apps from one computer to another. It is not necessary that both the systems are active on the same network. It allows you to create an image file using laplink.

This is more beneficial as it allows users to not only transfer data from one pc to another, but also install / upgrade their existing Windows OS and re transfer all the data back to it. Users have full control over what to        choose the data apps they need to transfer, and a compatibility rating which shows the chances of a successful transfer at the time of migration.

easeus todo pctrans pro license code

Note: When you are preparing to transfer data, apps and softwares from one system to another, the new computer must be running a same or later version of Windows. Otherwise the transfer will fail.

It also allows you to remap your drives so for example, C:\Backups can be remapped to E:\Backups on the new computer. This is pretty handy when you are storing data on SSDs. This is one of the most flexible ways of transferring data from one pc to another. Most of the times it is not the data, but the softwares and their individual settings that gives trouble.

The entire process is simple and straight forward. There are no complex settings to go through, just simple few steps to take a backup and restore from the same. Please note that the amount of RAM required to carry out this task is high due to the nature of task, hence it is recommended that you close all existing programs before you begin with the backup or migration. No statistics will be shown on task completion such as the amount of time taken and apps backed up.

Note:Before you begin with the backup, you need to turn off firewall and anti-virus software that you might be running on your system. Similarly when you are restoring from a backup, you will need to turn default firewall and any anti-virus software on the new system.

At the time of choosing the apps, EaseUSTodoPCTrans Pro will only show apps that are compatible. It will also show total number and size of non-system files from all drives. If due to any reason the transfer is interrupted, it can be safely resumed from where it was left.

Supported OS:

Almost all versions of Windows from XP/Vista/7/8 are supported. Please note that 64 bit is supported for Windows 7 and 8 only.

The free version allows you to transferupto 2 apps or softwares. You will have to upgrade to a pro version which has no limits on the amount of data or number of apps. You will receive one license that you can use on two separate computers. The source where you made the copy and the destination where you need to restore the backup.


How to get License Key:

  • First you have to visit this webpge
  • You will see a table. In the first column titled “TodoPCTrans Free”, scroll to the bottom and click on “Free Download”.
  • Your download will start automatically. You can now use the software for free.

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