Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky 2015 Antivirus Review

Get in depth analysis, comparison and review on Bitdefender vs Kaspersky 2015 Antivirus. Then choose which is best antivirus for you. Both are two leading, award winning PC security companies that produce the best antivirus and internet security software that gives the best protection against computer virus, malware, spyware etc. But what will be the best choice for your computer. Bitdefender gives you the protection while having the lowest impact on the system. And Kaspersky gives you real-time protection against the latest threats.

Here is a comparison between these two products to help you choose what suites you best.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 Review:

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 is a new free antivirus product released by Bit defender. Bitdefender Antivirus includes the most advanced virus detection technologies with a very user friendly design. Bitdefender provides the fastest and best protection against viruses. Bitdefender Antivirus is awarded by AV-TEST Best Protection for straight three years, and Best Performance for system speed. It allows you to handle security with a single click. The intuitive technology also guards your online privacy and digital identity.

bitdefender vs kaspersky 2015

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 offers a proactive, dynamic detection technology. It monitors processes’ behavior in real time and tags suspicious activities. It automatically warns you about vulnerable or outdated software, missing Windows security components, and potentially unsafe system settings. It warns you if a link is unsafe even before you click it in Google and Bing search results. It blocks access to infected links that you have already clicked.

This virus Protection software is designed with a very simple user-interface. You will find no complication in settings. It is designed to be straightforward and fast. While giving up nothing of the malware detection and removal skill, it scans your computer without any interruption in your workflow.

comparison between bitdefender and kaspersky 2015

Besides single click solution you may also scan selected files and folders.  It automatically looks after all security-related works for you. The app does almost all of its work without any attention, that means you will see no pop-ups and no irritating alerts.

Here is a quick look at the key features and benefit of This Computer Security Software,

Key Features of Bitdefender 2015 Antivirus Plus:

  • Active Virus Control– A proactive, hands-on detection technology. It monitors the processes in real time and detects the suspicious ones.
  • Quick Vulnerability Scanner- It automatically warns about outdated, vulnerable software, missing Windows security patches and potentially unsafe settings with a single click.
  • Security Report-Shows you the overall security status for the past week, and also the total issues fixed by Bitdefender since installation. It includes the space freed up, optimized apps and available storage.
  • Minimal consumption of resource: Bitdefender has the lowest impact of your computer’s system. It doesn’t affect your computer’s performance while giving you the best protection.
  • Absolute Silence – It detects when you work and temporarily blocks application from popping up. While Bitdefender monitors the security of your system it never interrupts your work.
  • Bitdefender Autopilot-Bitdefender makes the optimal security-related decisions on its own, with no input from you. This means no pop-ups, no irritating alerts and nothing to configure.
  • Social Network Security-Bitdefender scans the links you receive from Facebook friend, monitors your privacy settings etc.
  • Real-time Shield– Makes sure that every file is scanned and prevents virus infections in real time.
  • Intrusion Diagnosis System– Monitor the applications that are trying to access the Internet or the network and makes sure that they are not disguised threats. Then marks the suspicious apps and block them if necessary.
  • Secure Browsing– Warns your of the links you are about to click whether they are safe or not.

Bitdefender gives you the best protection having the lowest impact on your system. That’s why it won the AV-Test Best Protection Award for straight 3 years.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 is priced $39.95 for 1-year 1-pc license.

Download- Bitdefender 2015 Antivirus Plus <<< Click to download

Kaspersky AntiVirus 2015 Review:

Kaspersky is another leading name in the world of anti-viruses. If  you’re going to protect your PC from over 315,000 newly unleashed threats every day, you need a security solution that can keep up with the latest threats. Kaspersky’s award-winning security technologies can give you this protection. Kaspersky is known for their ability to deal with emerging threats. Independent tests have shown that kaspersky’s cloud assisted technologies can id new threats within 0.02 seconds.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2014

The award winning Anti Virus from Kaspersky protects your computer against all types of malware. It also detects the vulnerable software and security leaks in the system. Kaspersky 2015 Anti Virus can also halt the process of screen locker viruses. It doesn’t let the virus to sneak into your system in the first place. Kaspersky does not affect your computers performance and battery life (for laptop user). The Gamer Mode lets you enjoy your game without any disturbance.

best antivirus bitdefender or kaspersky

For immediate updates and rapid defense against latest malware along with the user friendly interface, Kaspersky 2015 could be your first choice. You are about to know who is best in bitdefender vs kaspersky 2015 antivirus review.

Key Features of Kaspersky Antivirus 2015:

  • Real time protection– This security software defends your computer from computer virus, Trojan virus, root kits, spyware and all types of malware.
  • Fixed security leaks– It scans for the vulnerable or outdated software and blocks them if necessary.
  • Efficient updates– It gives you real time updates to detect newest threats.
  • Automatic Upgrades: You won’t have to worry about updating Kaspersky. It can update itself automatically.
  • Browser safetyKaspersky Antivirus 2015 checks the URLs you are about to visit and warns you about the unsecure ones. Also keeps you protected from the phishing websites.
  • Optimization– It is optimized to give you faster boot up and shut down. Kaspersky is specially optimized for windows 8. It doesn’t affect the battery life of your laptop.
  • System monitor– Monitors the processes in your system for suspicious behavior and blocks some of them if necessary.
  • Improved virus scan– Kaspersky Anti Virus 2015 comes with improved virus scan technology.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 is priced $39.95 for 1 year license for 1 PC. There are also other buying options.

Download: Kaspersky 2015 AntiVirus <<< Click to download

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