Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus Android License Key

If you are looking for an application to keep your mobile safe from predator viruses and malware then BITDEFENDER MOBILE SECURITY ANTIVIRUS is just what you need. But there is a catch; there always is. Bitdefender provides a great platform to eradicate malware that causes poor performance and that which compromises the security features. Bitdefender has already proven its excellence in personal computers and it is rated as one of the best antiviruses preferred by users.


It has bagged many honours and awards in recent years for its excellent output and public demand. In 2012 a survey conducted by AV-Comparatives it managed to grab the title “Product of the Year”. The admiration for this anti-virus is the features it includes to compete with the other anti-viruses in the market. It accommodates cloud-technology to protect the mobile from e-threat and provides a very intelligent and aggressive strategy to counter all malware accounted loss of battery. The battery efficiency it provides makes it a favourite among the mobile users. According to AV-test result the conclusion it comes with amazed the total mobile users, showcasing an almost impenetrable defensive approach against the malware. According to the report it detected every single malware sample tested with close to zero battery loss and performance.


Most people would question how bitdefender is able to catalyses the performance and protect the android from virus simultaneously. The fact is that it does so and why bother with the how? Some important features are:

  1. Malware protection feature will be automatically enabled when we install the app. It acts as a cloud and will initiate aggressive measures to protect the mobile from malware threat. The most striking feature is that it gets auto updated to protect android from newly introduced malware. We can enable the scanning feature manually just as on a PC to ensure that your mobile is free from virus.
  2. Another most important feature is the privacy advisor that will protect your private details. Some apps can dig your private data and share it on the web. This makes you highly vulnerable. So by introducing the privacy advisor it blocks and points out apps that cause such problems on your mobile.
  3. Web security and anti-theft is a robust feature that is provided to ensure safe browsing and to protect the mobile from unauthorized access. Web security will ensure that mobile browsing is safe and it safeguards the browser from virus threats. By introducing anti-theft feature it produces an alarm if your private data is stolen by an outsider or when the SIM is removed. Anti-theft feature safeguard your mobile and android from outside access.
  4. Most striking feature is that it will never comprise on speed and performance of mobile. It ensures that during scanning process battery and performance of mobile is maintained as recommended by the mobile company.

One can easily download a 6 month BITDEFENDER MOBILE SECURITY ANTIVIRUS ANDROID LICENSE KEY from bitdefender providers. You can pay and get one year license from website of bitdefender.

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