5 Best Vpn Apps For Android with Download Link

If you ask for best vpn apps for android then we should recommend you the list below. After reading this post you will be able to distinguish each vpn software for android here in our top list and also can mark the right one for your own android phone.

Before we start reviewing the top vpn apps, you want to give you a little introduction on what is the function of vpn on android. Vpn is used when you want to surf internet without boundaries. With it you get more privacy and security. When you cannot access a specific website because of your location, you can use android vpn to access and use the website without any hassle.

best vpn apps for android

Now without further ado we start reviewing our top 5 list for android vpn apps.

1. F-Secure Freedom VPN

F-Secure Freedom VPN is on the top place in this list of vpn reviews. It has a slick and user friendly interface so that any beginner does not face difficulty using it. Frankly speaking, having it like killing more than one birds with one stone. It is because it also offers you a built in antivirus.  After starting a one week free trial you can continue its subscription spending $4.99.month or $29.99/year.

You can check this app on Google play store


2. Fast Secure VPN

Yet another simple vpn service for android. The interface of this vpn explains itself all though it may appear antique. When you need to get around regional restrictions it is very useful tool. But apart from that you have to think over its pay menu to unlock full features. If you are confined with the demand for getting around regional restrictions it is good app for you. But when you want to use full features you may look other software instead. The price structure is as follows: $2.5/month, $7.10/month, $13/6 months, and $16.70/year.

You can view it on Google play store.


3. Finch Vpn

Alike the preceding one, finch vpn is also bottlenecked by obscure pricing list. The intuitive interface makes the vpn easy to use and pleasing to look at. Alike all other vpn software’s, you get standard features. After upgrading to pro version at $1.61.month you get 25 GB. But the premier version offer unlimited bandwidth. For basic protection you can go with free version and you do not have data restrictions.

Get it on Google play


4. Flash VPN

Flash vpn introduce you with the most basic vpn ideas. It is very rare in vpn market that you get a full free vpn. Flash vpn is totally free and have no requirement for upgrading.

Get this full free vpn here


5. Hideman VPN

In our last place of best vpn apps for android review, Hide vpn is distinct in subscription plan.  Though it may sound strange to some it is useful in some case with its hourly features. For example you only need to use vpn once at airport but do not intend to use it thereafter, then you can pay for hourly plan. Its interface is slick and also user-friendly.

Get it from here

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