7 Best USB Security Software 2015 Download + Review

A well described list of 7 best usb security software 2015 with download link. Securing a pc and privacy is not about securing it with only antivirus, rather you have  to take care of other issues in your pc like usb devices, online connections, Wi-Fi networks etc. but what usb security should you choose to secure your pc for 100% protection? There are many things you should consider while choosing the perfect usb security for your computers protection.

best usb security software 2015

In this article we have represented the review for top 9 usb security software 2015. These usb security suites are completely free to use. This usb protection software give you encryption for your usb and protect your pc from the all unwanted threats that cause bigger and bigger damage to your privacy and files. Furthermore these usb protector offer different features, like: encrypting data on USB drives through password, utilizing different types of encryption algorithms such as Twofish, AES, Serpent etc.

Furthermore some of the software can hide your files according to your command and show them only with your permission or password. Besides you do not need to install them before encrypting.

So without further ado, we start our list of best usb security software 2015.

Rohos Mini Drive

This software for usb security protects any kind of usb flash drive providing password protection. It secures your files or information on the drive by encrypting and hiding them. It is very easy to use this program. You can run it without any need of installing the tool and then chose “encrypt usb drive”.  And now on this moment you must to set a password and it will create encrypted partition on the drive. When you are in need of accessing the encrypted partition or your hidden files you have to put the password only.

Download link for this software.

USB Safeguard Free

With this usb safeguard software you can run it from usb flash drive. Currently its free version provides you 2 GB flash drive usage. The most useful part of it is the drag and drop feature. You can easily drag and drop files onto it and then it will instantly encrypt the files. As mentioned earlier it does not need any installation. Just run it directly from usb and use it.

Download link for this software.


Diskcryptor is very user-friendly and suitable usb security software for your usb flash drive. This software is free. This security suit can encrypt all the disk partition of your computer hard drive, CD-ROM drives and USB storage devices. Interestingly this software support not only FAT file systems but also NTFS file. It can encrypt your drives with the help of Twofish, Serpent or AES algorithms. You can easily encrypt any types of file using password you set.

Download link for this software.

USB Flash Security

This is also one of the most reliable, of not the most reliable usb flash drive security software out there. You can in no time hide and encrypt any files on your usb flash drive providing a password. This free version on usb protector allows you to encrypt files up to 4 GB on size. After installing this software you just have to provide password and set it for protection.

Download link for this software.

Kakasoft USB Security

Kakasoft is one of the best and simplest usb flash drive protection software. In this software too you can secure your files and folder using password. First of all you have to put files on your usb drive and then run kakasoft usb security software. Then it will install an executable file on your device called USBSecurity and hide all types of file on your drive. But before that you need to put a password so that you can unhide and use the files later.

Download link for this software.

Remora USB Disk Guard

Remora USB Disk Guard is an easy to use and one of the best usb security software that is free. It uses 128-bit encryption technique to encrypt or decrypt any files on your usb software. You can set password and protect files on your drive by encrypting them. But you have installed this software first to use this tool.

Download link for this software.

Free USB Security

This user-friendly and reliable usb guard software protects your drive with the help of encryption system. It is able to encrypt all the files on your memory card, usb drive with the password. Like kakasoft usb security it also installs an executable file on your usb flash drive. Then it hides all the contents including folders and file. Before using the files on the encrypted partition you have to access it through password you set before. This software is easily to use and very user-friendly.

Download link for this software.

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