Best Free Spyware Remover For Windows 8 – List of Top 4

As a dweller of 21st century, we are as exposed to danger as we are to good things. No doubt internet is the most advanced communication system for us, but it does also put us on extreme risk for losing our privacy matters and important data. In this case, it obligatory for all to pick and use the best free spyware remover for windows 8 and secure our computer.

Best Free Spyware Remover For Windows 8

Out there, you will find many spyware remover programs for your pc, but the question comes to mind if all of them provide the required security needed for your computer? Honestly, and disappointingly though the answer is “NO’.  But you should now sigh that in this post you will learn top four free spyware remover tools for windows 8.

These are the top four tools for spyware removal, and then we have written reviews on them.

  1. Spybot-Preventor, Remover
  2. Spywareblaster – Preventor
  3. SAS (SuperAntiSpyware) – Remover
  4. Malwarebytes – Remover

Spybot-Preventor, Remover

This tool is on top of the list of our reviews. It is usually designed for new users but it provides complex functionalities also. When you finish the installation process it will ask you if you want to create white-list. You can skip this option. If you accept it will index files for a faster scan. Then you should update the software and perform a scan. This tool offer you features for blocking third party menu. Its immunization feature warns you against potentially risky websites.

Spywareblaster – Preventor

Though this program is not a spyware removal software it worth enlisting. The reason is it is a good spyware prevention program. You may get surprised hearing that it includes no scan features. That’s true but the point is that it does not need to. It protects your privacy by preventing. So if there is no threat that has been allowed by the tool then why need a scan feature? Now you must be convinced. It is notable that it does not even operate in the background. What it does is it modifies some settings and put restriction on particular websites and relaxes.

SAS (SuperAntiSpyware) – Remover

The Superantispware, known as SAS in short is another notable spyware remover program for windows 8. It simply scans and detects threats. Alike spybot, its installation process is also simple. But you can ignore pro version offer notice. After finishing installation the home menu of this software opens. There you should start a scan and most probably find some tracking cookies and malware files. It allows you exclusion and inclusion file option. To avail all the features you can upgrade to the pro version of this tool.

Malwarebytes – Remover

The last one which deserves same value like above ones though is a top free spyware remover for windows 8. It will ask you to choose pro or free trial before starting installation process. After you finish the process it will update its virus definition and then you should start a scan. It is a good tool but hopelessly, it does not offer real time protection in free trial version. So you should upgrade to pro version if require that feature too.

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