Best Password Managers Android 2015

Are you worried about your password protection on android apps? Read our list of Best Password Managers Android 2015 on the hand that you can trust. Times are changing and so are our smartphones. One can get lots of stuff down on our phones. We use our mobile browsers a lot more than we used to, and we tend to use the same websites we use from the desktop.
It is a no brainier that we require the same kind of software too for the mobile. With increased usage, one does need a password manager for remembering all the logins on the mobile too. Not only for the ease of use but also for increased security.

So let’s have a look at Top 5 Best Password Managers for Android 2015 for OS Phone or Tablet.

It has a free version with an option to upgrade to the premium version for $19.99/year. It not only sync logins and passwords but all types of sensitive data like credit card details, bank passwords, etc. It stores data in folders to organize. It can sync data to MAC, PC and iOS devices with its apps for those systems. It stores data using industrial strength encryption.

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mSecure is one of the most heavily loaded password managers for Android Apps, which comes with 256-bit Blowfish encryption to store the data. It includes a password generator, auto-lock capability, data sharing feature, data grouping and can auto-backup the data to the SD card. It can self-destruct itself if hacker tries to get into it. It not only ranks well in its feature set but is also versatile with its design. It comes with 19 standard templates and over 270 icons to personalize its looks according to your looks. It is fully optimized for Tablets as well and can sync data automatically using Dropbox to keep it updated across all devices. It costs $9.99.

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aWallet Password Manager
aWallet Password Manager is a lightweight app with password storage and editing features. It also allows you to search through the stored data. It can backup or restore the encrypted data to the Android USB device. It can encrypt data using either AES or Blowfish algorithms with multiple key sizes from 128 to 256 bits. It also supports destruction of the data after a certain number of unsuccessful tries. The app is free for most of its usage but contains two premium features – Password generator and CSV import of the data which can be enabled by making an in-app payment of $1.99.

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Keeper encrypts more than just passwords and login information. It also allows you to encrypt and store your files and photos in a private vault. It can also encrypt cloud backups. Keeper comes with two-factor authentication feature and uses 256 bit AES encryption for storing all data. While basic features are free, premium features like Encrypted cloud storage, sync and backup are free only for 30 days after which you have to pay a yearly subscription. Plans start at $9.99/year for unlimited password storage and can go up to $29.99/year for unlimited devices.


LastPass which is one of the best password managers for desktop, how can its mobile app be any different. It comes with auto-fill capabilities for both Chrome and Android browsers. It even comes with its mini browser for auto-filling the data. It even supports Samsung S5’s fingerprint reader for biometric authentication.

LastPass Android

It includes a password generator and allows you to image and audio recordings to Secure Notes as attachments. It comes with a 14 day free trial after which it requires LastPass premium subscription of $12/year to work. And this our enbest password manager android list. Please comment below to add yours.

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