Best Free Online Virus Scanner Cleaner 2015

Read our list of best free online Virus Scanner Cleaner 2015 Review and scan your file anytime, anywhere when needed and keep your privacy safe! You suspect a file on your system to be infected with a virus. Your antivirus doesn’t seem much of help. And you don’t know where to look? Or you just want to get your system scanned on a short notice to be free of infections and you want a second opinion from a second tool but don’t want to go through the uninstall/re-install routine. you can remove suspicious program from your computer easily.

Best Free Online Virus Scanner Cleaner

Both of these cases have got a simple solution. You can try online virus scanners. These are completely free to use and you can use them instantly without waiting. The fact they work online means you don’t need to be worried about definitions being outdated or anything. So let’s take a look at some of the most prominent online virus cleaner.


VirusTotal allows you to scan suspicious files or urls for potential infections or viruses. It provides various upload methods including web interface, email interface, mobile applications, desktop applications, a public API, a private API and common browser extensions. There is a file size limit too. For website and email interface it is 64MB and for other interfaces it is 32MB. You can contact them though to talk if you want to send a bigger file for scan. VirusTotal scanner basically tests a file using multiple Antivirus engines and website checking tools. A list of all of the tools in use can be found on their website.

Panda ActiveScan

Panda online scanner is unfortunately system dependent as it works only on Internet explorer and Firefox browser and only runs on Windows operating system because it requires the java and ActiveX plugins to run. It provides multiple scan options including a quick scan, full scan, document scan, mail scan or a custom scan. It can scan for all types of malwares including viruses, spyware, dialers, hacking tools and even tracking browsing cookies.

Jotti Online Malware Scan

Jotti Online just like VirusTotal allows you to scan suspicious files for any potential threats or viruses. There is a limit of 25MB per file. Jotti figures few extra scan engines which are not found in VirusTotal’s list so it is a good idea to use both to scan your file with.

Metascan Online

Metascan is another online scanner on the lines of VirusTotal and supports 40 antivirus engines. It can scan for files, hash and even an IP address. Metascan comes with various apps that you can use to scan files from various platforms. It also has a public API that allows you to perform 25 file scans, 1000 hash lookups and 25 IP address/url scans per hour. One of the most unique features of this service is that you can host the service on your own server as well. It has got a paid desktop app as well.

ESET Online Scanner

ESET Online Scanner is one of the Best Free Online Virus Scanner Cleaner 2015. it is a system virus scanner and therefore can run only on Windows OS. It can run natively on Internet explorer but requires a small plugin download to run on Chrome and Firefox. It is also unique as it is the only online scanner that downloads the virus signature database and performs the scan locally despite being run online. It provides various scan options like scanning inside archives, enabling detection of potentially unwanted applications (PUP), scan for unsafe applications and enabling anti-stealth technology and also allows you to choose specific locations on drive for scan. It is recommended that you should enable all options to have a better chance of catching the problem on the infected PC.

BitDefender QuickScan

BitDefender’s QuickScan is one of the fastest online virus scanner because like a traditional AV, it doesn’t scan the whole system. It creates a list of active processes and potentially infected areas and calculates hashes from these areas. It then sends these hashes back online for analysis and only those files whose hashes are not recognized  get uploaded to the their servers for a full report. If a virus is detected, instead of cleaning it recommends you to download its free antivirus tool. QuickScan can only run on Windows OS in IE, Firefox and Chrome using a free plugin.

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