Best Music Player App For Android Phone And Tablets

Music is such an important part of our life. The traditional ways of listening music are being replaced in favor of this new applications for android phone or tablets. Why? Simply because with them you get the best music experience. In fact, an android phone combined with the suitable applications can give you a mix that will allow you to be always on track with the newest musical appearances. Each of these music player applications has a unique aspect that sets them apart from the rest.

  • Shazam

Let`s say you are on a beach and you are hearing one beautiful song, but you don`t have a clue about that song`s name. And you just have to know it, because you are crazy about it. With one single touch, Shazam will do that for you. It doesn`t matter if it`s a remix or a very old song.  This application is free and you don`t need an account. Check it out on . I don`t think many will disagree if Shazam would be declared best music player application for android. Another application similar to Shazan is SoundHoud.

  • Double Twist Player

If you have at least 2 GB of music on your android, you better have a way to organize your songs. With the help of Double Twist Player you can keep your music in “harmony”. This application will organize the songs by artist, by their titles, by genre. Here it is: .

  • Ringtone Maker

Are you that type of person that changes the ringtone on the android, based on the mood or latest appearances? Then the application Ringtone Maker is the one for you. Check it out here:

  • Deezer

If you are a radio guy, then you should consider Deezer application. A huge amount of radio channels are available with Deezer. It`s accuracy is also impressive. The free version of Deezer doesn`t allow downloading the music in order to listen when you are not online. But once subscribed, you get the pass along with the high-quality of the songs (320 kps). Deezertion might very well be one of the best music application for android phones or tablets. And it`s free on Google play Store:


  • Google Play Music

If you want to have access to one of the biggest music collection on the internet, then try Google Play Music. Like everything else, music is no exception for Google – when providing best services online. They also can offer you recommendations based on your actual taste in music, which is kind of cool. Definitely the application for music discovery. And if you have a google account it will synchronize with your google play music account.  Check it out here:

  • Poweramp

By far, the best interface for a music player application is owned by Poweramp. You can customize it yourself. The album art and lyrics can be integrated into the player. This might look a little untidy when you`re browsing for music. But, besides this, Poweramp is definitely a keeper. It provides a ten-band equalizer to improve the sound of the music you`re listening. Adding to that its compatibility with many different audio formats. This player application is here:

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