Best Free Virus Removal Tools 2015 – List of Top 5

Looking for the list of  best free virus removal tools 2015? Here we have list out the best working virus remover! Your system is infected and your antivirus software is not able to help. It might be blocked or not able to detect the source of the infection. Or worst case scenario, you don’t have an AV installed at all. And you need something quick and urgent to detect and fix the problem?

What to do in that case? Fret not for there is a solution to each problem. Most of the Security companies apart from making professional antivirus software and security suites also maintain a small and quick virus cleaning tools. Such tools are effective in emergencies to weed out the toughest of the virus or malware that might have affected your system. And the best point of such tools? They are small in size and totally free to use.

Best Free Virus Removal Tools 2015

So let’s take a look at some of the best Free Virus Removal Tools you can use in times of distress.

McAfee Stinger

It is one of the oldest and regularly updated virus removing tools available. It gets daily updates and can remove a long list of viruses under a Threat list which is constantly updated by McAfee. It is one of those few tools that has a separate 64 bit version too. It scans processes, registry, boot sectors for tough viruses and rootkits. The threat list is included for viewing with the tool so that you know exactly what viruses this tool is capable of removing.

McAfee-Stinger-top-virus-removal 2015

BitDefender 60-second Virus Scanner

BitDefender Virus Scanner is made to operate superfast and complete a full system scan in under a minute. The scan is performed in background and takes advantage of cloud based scanning so that it always remains updated with the current threats.

top Virus Removal Tools 2015

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Unlike other Virus removing Tools, Kaspersky’s product is not small by any means. That is its one downside. Considering how others are moving towards cloud based infrastructure, Kaspersky’s tool still has a way to go regarding that. But other than that, this tool is by no means just scans for popular or dangerous threats. Given its size, it is able to detect and clean almost any kind of virus thrown at him. It might not have the features of a professional AV software but for an infected system, it can be a god send.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Norton Power Eraser

Its one of the best Best Free Virus Removal Tools 2015. Norton Power Eraser is a tool that is targeted towards specific threats known as scamware.  Scamwares will often tell you that your system is infected and will force you to download their software or pay them. They can even block your system and won’t let go unless you pay them or download their spyware. Norton power Eraser can clean such scamware using cloud technology. It can even scan multi boot OS systems as well.

Norton Power Eraser

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Microsoft maintains a malicious software removal tool as well which gets periodic updates regarding most common threats to safety of Windows OS. You can either download it from Microsoft’s site or get it delivered as part of Windows Updates. The version provided with Windows Update runs in the background without any user intervention and clean the most common of the threats and infections every month.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

To use it on an infected PC, you need to download it from Microsoft’s website.

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