5 Best Free Password Manager for Windows 2015

Here is our top 5 Best Free Password Manager software windows 2015 for your life to be simplified. Back in early 2000s one used to have only couple of email/online accounts to manage with fewer details to remember. But nowadays each of one has a Facebook, twitter, two or three mail accounts, a lot more social media accounts, bank accounts, shopping site accounts and lots more. Remembering the login information for all these sites and accounts can become a headache. Some of us use the same information everywhere to get around this problem which is a very bad practice and should be avoided at all costs. Sweat not for there are password managers available for this job which not only solve the problem of managing multiple passwords by saving them all but also helps in creating a unique password each time and also by logging on to the sites automatically without the need to type any password ever again. We will go through the top 5 password managers available in the market one by one.

Best Free Password Manager

LastPass LastPass is perhaps the best and most feature rich password manager out there. It is free for everyday use. Few of its major features are: 1. Password AutoCapture and AutoFill 2. Multiple profiles feature for family members to save their shopping data 3. Backup secure data, documents and images. 4. Password Generator. 5. Multi Factor Authentication via multiple methods.


Premium version of LastPass costs $12/year and adds mobile app support and fingerprint authentication. Its mobile support is pretty extensive since it works on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, Surface RT, HP webOS, Symbian S60 and Firefox OS devices. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers on desktop. It even comes as a portable plugin separately for Firefox and Chrome portable versions and has a USB specific version as well.

Dashlane Dashlane is the newest kid on the block. Launched in October 2012, it has gained enough features and popularity to make it to the Top 5 list.


It has all the main requisite features expected from a password manager including: 1. Automatic form filler, password generator and automatic password capturing from multiple browsers. 2. Saves payment methods and can capture receipts and make a secure record of your purchases. 3. Supports 2 factor authentication. 4. Allows you to share passwords with a friend in a secure way. Dashlane works on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac OS platforms. Most of its features are free to use with a premium version having some extras like web access of your passwords, unlimited password sharing and multi-device data syncing is available for $19.99/year.

Keepass Keepass is only one in this list that is totally free and open source. It is also unique in a way that it doesn’t come with a browser login capture feature. But it does support auto filling forms via different browsers and even desktop software login windows.


Few of its important features are: Can Import data from over 30 other password managers A Powerful Password generator Supports plugins Huge number of settings Portable with no installation required Highly Customisable Form Filler It has lot more features that might take up an additional blog post. Check this page for its vast list of features.

Passwordbox Passwordbox is another upcoming password manager that looks promising. It doesn’t come with a universal installer but needs to be installed individually for each platform. It is available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Some of Its main features are 1. Legacy Locker – allows you to transfer your confidential data to another trusted person after your death. 2. Auto capture and Auto login of passwords 3. Secure login information sharing. 4. Free data syncing between all its apps. PasswordBox is available on Android, MAC OS, iOS and Windows. The one down side that its free version has it doesn’t allow you to save more than 25 passwords. You need to pay $11.99/year for the premium version.

Roboform Roboform is perhaps one of the oldest password managers out there with its first version released somewhere around 1999. Its main features are: 1. Automatic form Capture and fill 2. Browser Bookmarks and Search 3. On Screen keyboard 4. Secure Sharing of login details

Best Free Password Manager

Roboform is available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone OS, Windows RT and USB Drives. Free version is limited to 10 passwords only. For more you can buy a desktop/USB version or an Everywhere subscription. Everywhere subscription allows you to access Roboform from any device and enables two factor authentications.  

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