Best Free Antivirus Review 2016

Read this post on best free antivirus review 2016  and learn the best one for you. Internet is always a risky place for your computer to get infected by viruses. Thus, your information is tender and easy to be stolen. Therefore, you might be the person who has to suffer the loss of useful information of your bank account as well as other data files. Owning a free anti-virus software is absolutely simple for everybody. Therefore, you may want to find review of 5 top free antiviruses in 2016. So, you have find the right article.

Best Free Antivirus Review 2016

1. Avast Free Antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus can detect and eliminate malware, and different dangers to your computer.  If haven’t got such protection, your computer will be slowed down or even broken, and your personal information can be damaged. Applications downloaded from the internet often contains too many dangers. This antivirus can work with offline applications without internet connection. The program will automatically run when you start the system, so it improves your protection against malware everyday and prevent virus from allocation in your computer.

2. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free
Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition helps you to improve security protection on your computer really efficient by cloud computing technology. This product shows statistic data in such period of time as the previous month, weekly, or daily.
Antivirus comes with an intuitive interface and protects the computer from malware effectively. This product offers a strong firewall and protection when you use internet connection with public WiFi. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free is able to scan USB to ensure that malware cannot spread through this type of device.

3. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus And Firewall
ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus and Firewall is a reliable and convenient product. It has antivirus features and firewall module in a single application. The program’s antivirus engine will detect and delete worms, spyware, trojan and other issues from spreading to your computer. This software offers efficient real-time protection and scanning schedule. Firewall continuously monitors programs and detects suspicious behaviors. The free CheckPoint tool protects your system from viruses and other malware. This product also helps you to block phishing websites, protect personal information, and manage downloaded programs.

4. Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Free AntiVirus is designed with the coolest technologies to help you with detection created when you connect the computer with USB or something like that. The software can easily remove virus and automatically restore and repair the system. The new features are designed right, so it is more intuitive for users, even those ones who have little experience with computer.

5. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
BitDefender Antivirus Free is an effective antivirus software. This product can protect your computer from the attack of virus, spyware and other malware when you access the internet. With this solution you can feel secured while surfing the web without worrying about threats from the internet. In addition, if you face any problems or detect virus which cannot be deleted, you can send report via email to the developer for the feedback within 24 hours.

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