Best Apps To Transfer Files From Android To Pc

If you are looking best apps to transfer files from android to pc, check this list below to get the answer. You can chose which one suites best to you and have it on your device to accomplish the task.

Best Apps To Transfer Files From Android To Pc

  1. AirDroid

An increasingly vital app for Android users, AirDroid is free (root required) and can be signed in with Google+, Twitter or Facebook account, if you don’t have time to setup a new one. As well as the various notification and tethering management tools, AirDroid can be used for a quick file transfer to a Windows computer on the same WiFi network. Another service that thankfully lets you sign-in with Google, is PushBullet designed to send Android notifications to your PC desktop, so you won’t miss anything sent to your phone (such as phone calls, updates, messages, etc.). However, this permission must be assigned manually.

  1. WiFi Direct

For the past couple of years, Android device manufacturers have been adding WiFi Direct support to their devices. A similar way like when sending data through Bluetooth, WiFi Direct is much quicker.

  1. SuperBeam WiFi

If WiFi Direct is not going to work natively, you should employ an app to take over. SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share is a free option but you’ll need the PRO version to send the data to your PC as required.

With the app installed on Android, you’ll need the Windows companion app (Linux and Mac OS X are also supported) downloaded and installed which requires Java Runtime Environment to run. When the app installed, after running it, select Receive and use your PC camera to read the QR code, or enter the key. After that data will be transferred quickly, depending on the size and speed of the destination drive.

  1. Airstream

Airstream streams all the files on your desktop to any Android device with access to all your folders. After that you can access not just some of your multimedia files, but also anything that you store on your computer. All that left is to run the server executable on your computer, then run this app on your Android device to access your computer. You can just start streaming, no transfer problems or limits.

  1. Message Beam

Need to beam a title, a line or an url from your PC to your Android device? Use Message Beam, an browser extension which will help you send it straight to your device. Just copy the line and paste it into the field then press Send. It also works other way around as Message Beam is also available as an app.

  1. MightyText

If the small keyboard on your Android device making it hard for you to write really long text messages, MightyText can help you write on your computer and send it out. After installing the app you should it to your Google account then access the web app from the given URL. Conversations on your phone afterwards will be automatically synced. Incoming messages will pop up in your browser, and you can use it as a backup for restoring your SMS/MMS messages in case something happens to your device.

  1. Mobizen

Mobizen is another app that lets you control your Android device and your PC. This app allows you to transfer files, backup and restore, as well as handling all notifications on your Android device. Also, you can send text messages from the PC with this app.

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