Top 5 Battery Friendly Antivirus Android Phone

Get the top 5 Battery Friendly Antivirus Android Phone With the increasing popularity of Android, the risk of security threats is also growing rapidly. Battery Saving best Android Antivirus and apps help us to save our battery charge and work faster our android device.  To help the Android users to use their devices safely, many security software companies launched various security apps. You don’t even have to pay for them because there is a wide choice of free security apps that will provide you the security you need. Just not protection against malware, viruses etc. they also offer give you the anti-theft feature that helps you to find your stolen device.

Battery Friendly Antivirus Android

As an android user if you’ve been thinking about using a mobile security tool for your device but you are worried about the impact it may have on your battery life, there is an AV-Test result for you that will give you detailed information about various mobile security. But among the tested antivirus software, surprisingly there wasn’t a whole lot that separated one product from another. Most of the product didn’t have much impact on battery life.

Among hundreds of security software we are presenting 5 of them that will fulfill your need as antivirus and won’t affect your device’s battery.

1. AhnLab V3 Mobile 2.0

AhnLab V3 Mobile 2.0 gives you Complete and convenient protection. It secures your important data, blocks network attacks, protects you from potentially harmful applications, and even helps you recover your mobile if it is lost or stolen. It is lightweight software; it doesn’t drain your device’s resources. AhnLab V3 Mobile 2.0 is designed to use the minimum power.


ahnlab-v3-mobile-interface Antivirus Android phone

V3 Mobile can track download your lost device using GPS. V3 Mobile protects the data in your device if it is lost or stolen. V3 Mobile’s advanced protection features lock the device automatically when a SIM card is changed. It can also remotely lock down your device to prevent unauthorized use, wipe your personal data, or track down the GPS location of your device. You can also block or approve the Wi-Fi networks for safety.

Download- AhnLab V3 Mobile 2.0 [Google play link]


2. F-Secure Mobile Security for Android  < < click to get it free

F-Secure Mobile Security is a complete security solution for your Android devices. It gives protection against all kinds of common threats. F-Secure Mobile Security also includes Anti-Theft feature that helps to locate and recover your lost or stolen device. If the device is not found it can remotely lock down or wipe your device to save your personal data from falling into wrong hand.

F-Secure Mobile Security for Android

F Secure Mobile Security doesn’t affect your device’s performance and it does not have any impact on your device’s battery life. F-Secure Mobile Security protects your browser from phishing websites. F-Secure Mobile Security also gives a parental control feature by which you can keep your children safe from visiting unsafe websites. It can block your unwanted calls and messages on your phone.

Download link: F-Secure Mobile Security for Android [Official link]

Download link: F-Secure Mobile Security for Android[Google play link]


3. Norton Mobile Security for Android  < < click to get it free

Symantec’s Norton Mobile Security for Android is a complete security solution for Android devices. It protects your device from threats and data loss. It can track the lost or stolen device and remotely trigger an alarm. Even if the device is not found it can lock the device down or wipe data remotely. It can also backup all your contacts and allow you to easily restore and use contacts on your other mobile devices. Norton Mobile Security for Android doesn’t slow down the device while detecting and removing threats. Its silent behavior lets the user enjoy all the usual activities like gaming or watching a movie without worry.

Norton Mobile Security for Android

Norton has no impact on your device’s battery life. Norton Mobile Security for Android lets you remotely lock down your lost or stolen device or wipe your personal data with a simple text message. There is also a feature for webcam enabled devices to take photo of whoever using your device once you list it lost or stolen. It scans all files and apps downloaded to your devices for malware, grayware etc. and protect you from privacy risks such as unknowingly exposing contacts, calendar, call logs etc. It blocks phishing websites from accessing your information. It also has call and message block feature for android phones.

Download:Norton™ Mobile Security

Download: Norton Security & Antivirus [Google Play Link]


4. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus < < click to get it free

ESET is one of the leading security software products which stand 5th as battery friendly antivirus android. It has always promised a fast and reliable solution against security threats using a little amount system resources. ESET presents ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus with features that gives you real-time protection again known and newly emerging threats. ESET Mobile Security is an optimized security suite for mobile which means, ti doesn’t affect the performance of your device while providing the best protection against threats and malware.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security also has the anti-theft feature that helps you to protect your device from being lost or stolen and recover your information. The anti-theft feature also offers remote wipe, sim guard etc. options to save your data. It can also take snapshot using the webcam of whoever using your device and send it to and locks your device. ESET Mobile Security keeps you safe from phishing websites while surfing internet. It also has the call and message block feature.

Download link: ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus


AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast is another leading security software which has all the features you need as an antivirus. Avast! Mobile Security keeps you safe from malware, viruses and malicious apps. It Blocks specific numbers from being able to call or send SMS messages. The anti-theft feature tracks your lost or stolen device which helps you to recover the device. Our Anti-Theft component provides you with remote options for locating and recovering your phone.

AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus

The widget gives you easy access and instant protection status from homescreen. Avast protects your browser by warning your about malware-infected sites. Avast also gives an additional firewall if you have rooted your device. You won’t have to worry about battery life and device performance as well.

AVAST Mobile Security monitors your data usage and helps you not to exceed the usage limit. If enabled, Avast also helps to prevent the troubles of mistyped URLs.

Download link: AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus

At the End, In my opinion Eset mobile Security is the best battery friendly antivirus android. It not only save your battery life but also provide your android phone / tablet / smartphone and other device’s best antivirus security and without slow down your android device performance. You Can Also get free >> Avg Mobile security pro for android here.

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