Avg Mobile Security Pro Key Free for Android 1 Year

Get avg mobile security pro key, license code, activation number free 1 year subscription. AVG Mobile Antivirus Pro for android is one of the leading antivirus software products for smart phones. AVG is powerful security software that gives you real-time protection against threats, malware, spyware etc. AVG also protect your browser from various phishing websites that secretly collect your personal data to blackmail you. AVG helps you to recover your lost or stolen Smartphone with an anti-theft feature. AVG comes with many features like phone tracker, task killer, data wipe, memory card wipe etc. It gives you additional privacy controls and app backup capability.

Avg Mobile Security Pro Key

AVG Mobile Antivirus Pro also has an App Locker tool that helps to protect any app with password to prevent them from falling into wrong hand and keep them secure. The App Backup feature backs up your application data and restore them from your SD card whenever necessary. The Anti-theft feature helps to locate your lost or stolen device using GPS and Google maps. AVG is an optimized application for your Smartphone. It doesn’t affect your device’s performance while protecting you from threats. Unlike AVG Mobile Anti Virus free version, AVG Mobile Antivirus Pro is free of advertising and other annoying interruptions.

Avg Mobile Security Pro

Key Features of AVG Antivirus Pro for Android:

  • Real-time Scan- Scans the apps, settings, all files etc. in real time
  • Protective Shield- Defends against potentially harmful apps, viruses, malware, spyware etc.
  • Settings scan- Scan your device for unsecure settings and fixes them with your approval.
  • Anti-theft- Locate your lost or stolen device using GPS and Google map. Can also remotely wipe your device data to save them falling into wrong hand.
  • Task Killer- Kill unnecessary tasks that slow down your device.
  • Browser safety- Keep your browser safe from various risky phishing sites.
  • Device Monitor- Monitor your battery, files storage and data usage on your device.
  • App Locker- Allow you to lock down some apps using a password to keep them secure.
  • App Backup- Backs up your application data to your memory card and restore them whenever you need.

How to Download Avg Mobile Security Pro Key Full Version Free 1 Year Subscription

The AVG Antivirus Mobile full version is normally priced in Google Play is $15.38 USD. But there is a limited offer that you can get avg mobile security pro key 1 year subscription of this application fully free.

  1. First of all Click this link or copy it into your browser address bar.
  1. It will automatically start to download AVG Mobile Antivirus pro shortly.
  2. It will download a file named AVG-Mobilation-PC2013.apk which is about 9.66 MB. Install it on your android device.
  3. You won’t need any serial number or license key to install the file.
  4. After installation go to the Privacy Option you will see that it has 375 days of subscription left. Now you may run a first scan on your device. You can also use all the pro features of AVG Antivirus Mobile Pro like App Locker, App Backup using this app.

Download- AVG Antivirus for Android [Google Play Link]

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