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The free wireless access zones are ubiquitous and provide convenient connection points for people on the go. Unfortunately, they do not provide the security necessary for safe connection. Hackers can easily access the personal data of users connected to these unprotected networks and steal. AVAST has solved this problem with the VPN avast! SecureLine for smartphones and Android tablets. SecureLine version for iPhone and iPad has also been updated. By encrypting user data, SecureLine behaves like a tunnel, forming a virtual shield that makes them invisible user activities to the outside world. Users of VPN avast! SecureLine can browse the web completely anonymous, thus protecting against hackers and spies.

According to a study by AVAST from over 340,000 respondents, nearly half of the worldwide smartphone owners connect to a Wi-Fi network each month, 52% of them doing every day or every week . Whether in an airport, a coffee or a local park, unsecured Wi-Fi allows users to access the Internet without entering a password. About a third of these users perform sensitive transactions on a public Wi-Fi, as purchases in lines, bank transactions and other activities that require password entry and personal data.

“Hackers are targeting to reach areas without public thread, where it is easy to follow every movement of Wi-Fi users. The hackers have access to e-mails, passwords, documents and browsing behavior. “Said Vincent Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software.” The open Wi-Fi is not going away, we just have to ensure that there is a more secure way to connect. This is why we offer the VPN SecureLine PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

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In addition to protecting users when using an unsecured Wi-Fi, VPN avast! SecureLine gives users the ability to change their place when surfing. This feature is particularly useful for frequent travelers who must circumvent regional restrictions to access content: VPN avast! SecureLine allows travelers to connect with servers in their country of origin to access services to which they subscribe.

VPN operation avast! SecureLine:

Once the VPN avast! SecureLine installed on a smartphone or tablet, it automatically notifies users of the dangers of unsecured Wi-Fi. The user then has the option to connect to the VPN secure AVAST. The VPN avast! SecureLine can be activated voluntarily by the user or be configured to establish a secure encrypted connection each time you connect the mobile device to a Wi-Fi network. By default, the application will automatically select the closest server to provide optimal performance. The user can also choose to change the virtual place from which he wishes to access the Internet, for example New York, Seattle, Singapore and London. When the VPN avast! SecureLine is enabled, all user activities performed on the Internet is anonymized and protected from hackers.

“Unfortunately, piracy is not a complicated process: there are tools available online that anyone can easily use to steal personal data. “Said Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST.” We created the VPN avast! SecureLine to allow users to browse anonymously and securely over the web, especially when using an open Wi-Fi.

The VPN avast! SecureLine is a solution for workstation for small and medium-sized enterprises:

For businesses, it is particularly important that people in telecommuting and traveling employees do not share sensitive business information through a public Wi-Fi. AVAST business customers can activate the VPN avast SecureLine for Windows through multi-offers, from five PCs, available at AVAST resellers.

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