Ashampoo Snap 2015 (v8.0.2) Free Full Version Serial Key

Virtual communication improves drastically with the use of images and videos, and Ashampoo Snap 2015 helps enhance this overall experience. If you’re looking to capture, edit, enhance and share screenshots and videos for whatever the purpose, then this is the screen capture tool you need. With its multi-core processor support, high performance possibilities are a guarantee. Furthermore, its myriad editing and sharing options widen your horizons.

Ashampoo Snap 2015 free Full Version Serial Key


Ashampoo Snap 2015 uses ingeniously simple methods to help capture anything on your computer screen, be it off the desktop, single windows, selected areas, scrolling webpages, or just about anything else, in just a few clicks. Choose the type of capture you want from a number of options, and once you’ve captured what you want, the intuitive editor pops up automatically to help you with the rest.


Working with multiple screenshots will not be a problem for this software’s easy to use interface. Also, a variety of editing tools are at your disposal, thanks to an integrated image editor: draw, highlight, and play around with artistic effects as you please. Other editing options include allowing you to add shapes, arrows, and text annotations.


And why stop at images? You can now capture even film sequences or video games, and save these as high-quality video files. Ashampoo Snap 2015 then helps you create your own videos, such as demos or tutorials, which can then be saved in different formats.

Video capture also comes with the added amazing features of zoom effects and visible mouse clicks. Furthermore, you can capture and use web cam picture-in-picture, and add your own commentary to videos. Recordings can even be paused and resumed anytime.

Special Features of Ashampoo Snap 2015:

  • Supports high resolutions and multi-monitor environments
  • 1-click features: saving time and energy otherwise wasted on keyboard tapping
  • Multiple capture modes
  • Captures entire webpages – as well as menus and drop-down lists – by scrolling automatically
  • No messing with nested input dialogs
  • Real time modifications, plus live preview
  • Re-adjustable document settings allow for revision of work
  • Auto-hide desktop capture bar: provides fast and convenient access to main features
  • Easy load and save PDF document, as well as multi-format export
  • Wider sharing choices: Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook


How to download Ashampoo Snap 2015 (v8.0.2) Full Version Serial Key for Free:

While Ashampoo Snap 2015 is normally priced at $39.99 per serial number / license key, the software can, for a limited period of time, be downloaded for free. Follow these steps to make the best of this offer:

  1. Download Ashampoo Snap 2015 (v8.0.2) installer from this link and install it.
  2. During installation, click on the “Get free activation key” button to open the registration page, or simply visit the registration page here.
  3. Enter your e-mail address to get your free full version Serial Number / License Key. Existing users will need to log in with their password and new users will need to create a new Ashampoo account.
  4. Use received license key to activate the software and unlock installation process.
  5. Please note: Ashampoo Snap 2015 (v8.0.2) may offer to download and install unnecessary bloatware that are not related to the core functionality. If this doesn’t suit you then choose the “No, thank you” option when you’re asked.

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