Alternative to Norton Ghost

what is Alternative to Norton Ghost? I have long searched for an alternative software for Symantec Ghost software. Symantec Ghost has become a very useful tool in making a clone of a partition, either backup or restore operation. Unfortunately this is not as good as free software, and I do not know until when I can use a pirated version of Symantec Ghost without guilt: p.

Just yesterday I knew of the existence of PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost). As the name suggests, PING is not Symantec Ghost, but was able to perform the same function, such as Symantec Ghost, or even longer.

norton ghost alternative

Ops, there may be wondering, what is a great article this Ghost? Ghost is working to create a copy of the entire hard disk partition or a device, with a fast pace. If you are a cautious (and actually do need to be careful), you should be aware of the importance of making backups. But if you want to make a backup copy and paste all your files, it is very messy and slow. Using Symantec Ghost or PING is a better choice.

For me, the most useful function of the Ghost and PING is, it can make a backup of your operating system. This means you can save a situation and restore your OS anytime.

Suppose you create a backup copy of the Ghost / PING in Windows you have installed Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, prehistorik 2 (p), and so forth. Sniffed out, one day your Windows is damaged. You can restore files Ghost / PING there before, and the OS will be returned as the original, complete with the software! And restore process much easier and quicker than the format and re-install Windows.

Ok, back to the PING. I tried the PING is, and I’m satisfied with the result. The difference between PING and Ghost is not so noticeable, but this is what I can effect:


  • The time taken to process the Ghost backup / restore is faster.
  • PING can compress the backup file to a size smaller than the Ghost proceedings.

Symantec Ghost interface is more user friendly than PING. PING might be a little confusing to new users. But, Ghost and PING is not for new users ^^, but for users who want to learn. What is important, PING is free! Save your pocket money, get rid of piracy.

Get PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) in the form of an ISO and burn it to a CD, it bootable. Hopefully in the next article, I will explain how to use PING.

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