5 Best Android Lock Screen Apps

Lock screen is an inbuilt feature of smartphone as well as android.  If you want to change the lock screen on your device, check out these best android lock screen apps. Below are short descriptions on two items.

best Android Lock Screen App

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock is a sort of hybrid between a security app and a lock screen app. When enabled, it puts certain alarm on your device. Then those who try and can’t get passed the lock screen will be met with a loud alarm.

Another good choice is Echo Notification Lockscreen. The app displays messages, missed calls and other types of notifications straight from the lock screen, which will open when you tap, or swipe to the left. App gives you a camera shortcut and it won’t suck your battery dry either. And it is also free!

Cover brings context-based information to the lock screen, which means the right content and settings at the right time. It is almost the same as Google Now and works in quite a similar way. By entering your home address and workplace, this lock screen will know when to switch between private and work mode. Depending on the situation, it can show matching apps as shortcuts. This works like that because the launcher is capable of learning and adapts to particular usage patterns. And in addition to being able to automatically switch between settings and shortcuts, Cover also uses simplified access to recently used apps by swiping downwards.

Okay, so Dashclock Widget isn’t that much of a lock screen replacement but it might as well be one. You can use this app as a widget on your home screen to receive all sorts of data including time, notifications, and a virtual ton of some other things from Dashclock Widget. It’s been long known as a kind of must-have application, especially if you’re on Android where the lock screen is a little bare by nature. Anyway, it is free so there’s no harm in trying it.

On average, we’ll look at our smart phones very often. Wouldn’t it make sense to combine these subconscious compulsions with something quite meaningful? UnlockYourBrain is lockscreen alternatives made to keep your brain fit by having you solve math problems and do some vocabulary training.

The vocabulary or math exercises loaded onto the lock screen can be skipped in case you get stumped. However, the potentially found in this lock screen is great. Repetition is the mother of retention and so, by constantly viewing vocabulary and calculation methods, this will slowly sink in, and going to be keeping your brain from turning into mush.

If you love different themes Magic Locker Main offers a whole bunch of them, and is a lock screen we can recommend. There are a lot various free themes ready to be downloaded for free from the Play Store, so choice isn’t the issue here, but choosing one could be tough. The app settings allow the user to change time, date and app shortcuts, and sound effects. You should note: so that the lock screen isn’t easily bypassed by pressing on the home button, you should return to a double lock screen.

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