Top 5 Best Free Malware Removal 2016 Tools to Clean Windows PC

Best Free Malware Removal 2016

This list of best free malware removal 2016 tools for windows is useful in identifying the right program for your pc. In today’s world malware threat is always looking for you, you don’t have to find them online. These malware programs automatically find out the security leaks in your computer. And then make its annoying attack. These days, internet is full of those programs.

Malicious software is constantly evolving and becoming more and more difficult to detect and remove. Only the most advanced anti-malware technologies can detect and remove these malicious programs from your computer.

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Zemana AntiMalware 2 License Key Free Activation Code

Zemana AntiMalware 2 license key

This post about the way to get Zemana AntiMalware 2 License Key? As we are in the era of upgraded computing life, almost all of the users of computer having one or more applications to keep their device safe from many kind of unwanted programs. If you are an advance user of a computer, then you must be aware of Trojans, Viruses, Rootkits and many other malwares which can sneak into your computer in many ways and infect your computer like a poison in human body. To prevent this, peoples are using some anti- malware applications. But to be honest, you can’t have an anti-malware for free which will assure you 100% safety of your computer. Some malwares can still attack your computer even when you are using a very smart antivirus. To avoid this risk, you can try it to clean your computer.

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How to Remove GoogleUpdate.exe – Easy Guide


A definitive guide to How to Remove GoogleUpdate.exe. You might have often noticed GoogleUpdate.exe process running constantly in your task manager and wondered why it happens. As the name goes, its job is to keep all Google applications on your system running up to date. It is responsible for all those auto updates that your Chrome browser receives from time to time. If you want to get rid of it, then it is definitely not as simple as killing it in Task manager. There are several ways if you want to get rid of it completely.

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How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer Easily

Remove-computer shortcut virus

An step by step guide on how to remove shortcut virus from computerYou just got back your pen drive from your friend. And you discover that the drive has nothing but shortcuts to the movies and stuff which you had put in it for your friend. Original files are nowhere to be found. Not only that but you discover same thing happening on your hard disk as well. Seems like a nightmare, right?

You have been by shortcut virus. It hides the actual files by creating similar named shortcuts and changing the attributes of the original ones to hide them in your computer. These shortcuts don’t point to the real file but instead point to some malicious scripts meant to spread the virus further which can even allow the hacker to take control of your PC should he want.

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IObit Malware Fighter Pro License Key 1 Year Free

IObit Malware Fighter Pro license key

Get IObit Malware Fighter Pro License Key, serial or activation code free for one year that still working. We are smart enough to know how computers can make our lives all so easy on just a click of mouse or the pressing of a key. However, we also need to be wise to avoid putting ourselves in a fix by not installing any ‘guard’ on our PCs. All of us might already have certain antivirus tool or the alike already installed in our PCs. However, it is strongly recommended to regularly scan the PC for infections using an anti-malware tool. And it’s here when IObit Malware Fighter 2 comes into the picture because of being one of the world’s leading anti-malware tools.

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Justice Department Virus Removal Guide Free Easily

Justice Department Virus Removal

Read our justice department virus removal guide and Lose the Department of Justice virus fix free and easily.The Department of Justice is a ransomware infection. It will display a screen locker that won’t allow you to use your desktop until you pay a made-up ransom. This screenlocker acts like an alert from the US Department of Justice that says that they detected you are in possession of illicit material and illegally using or sharing copyrighted files. It will also demand a $300 fine in the form of a MoneyPak voucher within 48 hours to avoid getting arrested and to regain your computer access.

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White Screen Virus Removal Guide

white screen virus removal

Learn the white screen virus removal guide to get rid of White Screen virus easily. The white screen virus is a ransomware that locks your computer and doesn’t allow you to do anything after login. Once infected, you will only see the mouse cursor on a white screen after startup. The white screen virus shows a webpage covering your desktop and it will demand a payment for the possession of illicit material. In some cases, this Trojan cannot detect the location, so you’ll get a white screen after login. Once it is installed in your computer, the White Screen virus shows a notification which acts like it is from a law enforcement agency that claims that your computer has been blocked due to it being involved with the distribution of pornographic material and copyrighted files.

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How To Remove Trovigo on Google Chrome Easily

how to remove trovigo on google chrome

Looking for the solution for How To Remove Trovigo on Google Chrome? Our easy to follow guide will lead you to solve this problem easily. is a search engine but it is a potentially unwanted and an annoying program to the users. Once you have it installed, you may get a lot of changes on your computer. Like your homepage will be changed along with your default search engine and you will get your DNS redirected to It is actually a plug-in that is integrated to all your browsers. This plug-in can change any setting as it want. As example- whenever you change your homepage to, the plug-in will set it to again. This is because it is installed as an IE add-on so it can change any setting as it wants. Here, we are showing a solution to fix this issue manually, without using any extra software.

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Windows Antivirus Master Manual Removal Guide Easily

windows antivirus master manual removal

Are you looking windows antivirus master manual removal? Our easy to go with guide will guide you to the solution without any error. Windows Antivirus Master is a rogue anti-virus program from the Rogue FakeVimes family of computer infections. This program is known as a rogue because it acts like an antivirus but displays fake scan results, reports made-up computer infections, fake security warnings. It affects your computers system by blocking you normal applications.

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