6 Best Mac Antivirus Software 2015


B reading this post you can get idea of best mac antivirus software 2015. No doubt Mac is second to windows in worldwide computer users. Alike windows, Mac is also vulnerable to security threats and other privacy threats. And for that reason it is a must to have an antivirus installed on Mac device. Installing and keeping an antivirus updated will help you keep away from many online and offline threats to you Mac. But question arises when thinking of choosing the decent antivirus for your Mac. There is actually no specific antivirus which could be put under decent category. Your needs and pc configuration determines which specific antivirus is top for your Mac.

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Alternative to Norton Ghost


what is Alternative to Norton Ghost? I have long searched for an alternative software for Symantec Ghost software. Symantec Ghost has become a very useful tool in making a clone of a partition, either backup or restore operation. Unfortunately this is not as good as free software, and I do not know until when I can use a pirated version of Symantec Ghost without guilt: p.

Just yesterday I knew of the existence of PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost). As the name suggests, PING is not Symantec Ghost, but was able to perform the same function, such as Symantec Ghost, or even longer.

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Review on Best Antivirus 2015 Trial Version Download


This is an in depth analysis and review on best antivirus 2015 trial version download that you can use for your pc.To protect your computer and its data from over millions of threats online and offline, you need a proper antivirus. Good virus protection software will save you from almost all kinds of viruses and also cure your system if already infected. Antivirus will protect you from potentially harmful software and masked threats. Your sensitive will be protected from insecure hands. Your information about business, home, office etc will be safe and secure.

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Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky 2015 Antivirus Review

bitdefender vs kaspersky review

Get in depth analysis, comparison and review on Bitdefender vs Kaspersky 2015 Antivirus. Then choose which is best antivirus for you. Both are two leading, award winning PC security companies that produce the best antivirus and internet security software that gives the best protection against computer virus, malware, spyware etc. But what will be the best choice for your computer. Bitdefender gives you the protection while having the lowest impact on the system. And Kaspersky gives you real-time protection against the latest threats.

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